@Lezlie Olivera - Christmas Character Dress Up With Coloured Contacts


It's that time of year again, so if you need inspiration for your Christmas Day fancy dress party, then check out the Christmas character costume ideas by @lezlieoliiveera. Lezlie is a makeup artist who is working with us for the first time, and she shares her cosplay makeup on her IG (@lezlieoliiveera) and Tiktok (@lezliemakeupartist). Let's take a look at her work! 

The snowman from @lezliemakeupartist uses our snowflake blue cosplay contact lenses. our colored contact lenses are inspired by snowflakes and feature a radial snowflake pattern from the center of the lens to the perimeter. These cute contact lenses can be worn with a variety of Christmas outfits for a fun holiday face painting. We highly recommend them for cosplay, theme nights and other special occasions!

Our cosplay contact lenses come in different designs to bring extra realism to your favorite character's costume. With these lenses, you'll be the absolute center of attention in the crowd! The layered lens technology we use sandwiches the color design between two layers of lens material to better retain color and prevent direct contact of pigment with the cornea. We work hard to ensure that our lenses lead the market in quality and comfort, leaving your eyes naturally moisturized.

Let's take a look at another video she posted on Tiktok wearing these cosplay contact lenses.

@lezliemakeupartist #fypp #mua #looksnavideños #frostythesnowman #snowmanchallenge #wintermakeup #SNOWMAN #makeupartist #paratii #facepaint #transition #fypシ #christmatiktok #christmasmakeup ♬ HOLIDAY - Lil Nas X


Some of our most popular designs, such as Sharingan contact lenses, are based on well-known anime and film characters. We have one of the best selections of cosplay contact lenses, allowing you to buy cosplay contact lenses online without having to hit the streets. Even if you aren't a cosplayer yet, our cosplay contact lenses can help your Halloween or party costume stand out. Instead of old Halloween masks, put on a pair of cosplay contact lenses and do scary things in a sophisticated manner. Don't hesitate to purchase them from our website right now!

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