Colourfuleye x @spanageltheanimal: A Match Made in Makeup Heaven


As a brand that specializes in colored contacts, we at Colourfuleye are always on the lookout for individuals who share our passion for creative makeup and self-expression. That's why we were thrilled when we discovered Lauren (IG: spanageltheanimal), a talented model and makeup artist whose web name perfectly captures her playful and experimental spirit.

From the moment we first saw Lauren's photos on Instagram, we knew that we had found a kindred spirit. Her bold and imaginative makeup looks, combined with her love of contacts and wigs, made her the ideal collaborator for our brand. We were excited to see which of our lenses she would choose to wear and showcase in her photos. After much deliberation, Lauren ultimately decided on three of our most popular lenses: Snake Eye Tricolor Red Colored Contact Lenses, Big Eyes Black Colored Contact Lenses, and Cardcaptor Sakura Blue Colored Contact Lenses. Each lens offered a different effect, but all of them perfectly complemented Lauren's makeup and highlighted her striking features.

cosplay colored contacts

Snake Eye Red Tricolor Colored Contact Lenses

Snake Eyes Red Tricolor Colored Contact Lenses are one of our most dramatic and attractive lenses. These red contacts are inspired by the snake's glasses. The vibrant red color and irregular radial pattern give the wearer a glamorous and seductive look. These lenses were the perfect choice for Lauren, and her makeup complemented these lenses. Lauren fully embraces her wild side in the photos of her wearing the snake-eyed red lenses. Her makeup features bold black lines and smoky eyeshadow to match her blonde hair and pink eye makeup with a heart pattern. Our snake eye contacts add a touch of danger and excitement to the overall look, making her photos truly memorable.

red colroed contacts

Big Eyes Black Colored Contact Lenses

The Big Eyes Black Colored Contact Lenses are a more subtle and natural-looking lens, but no less striking. These lenses feature a thick black limbal ring that enhances the size and shape of the wearer's eyes, giving them a doe-eyed look that is both innocent and alluring. Lauren's photos wearing the Big Eyes Black lenses showcased her softer side. Her makeup was lighter and more feminine, with a focus on soft black and natural-looking lashes. The lenses added a touch of enchantment to her look, making her eyes seem even bigger and more captivating.

big eye black contacts

Cardcaptor Sakura Blue Colored Contact Lenses

The Cardcaptor Sakura Blue Colored Contact Lenses are inspired by the beloved anime character Sakura, who has bright blue eyes. These lenses feature a vivid blue color and a subtle limbal ring that makes the eyes pop. In Lauren's photos wearing the Cardcaptor Sakura Blue lenses, she fully embraced the playful and colorful spirit of the anime.Her eye makeup was accented with multiple colours of sequins, and her hair colour was a gradient green that complemented the overall look. Our blue lenses added the finishing touch, giving her eyes the same bright and sparkling quality as the character she was portraying.

blue eye contacts

About spanageltheanimal

Lauren (IG: spanageltheanimal) has a passion for showing her creativity through makeup! She loves playing dress up and trying out new looks! Especially with contacts and wigs. She also loves cats and jamming to k-pop regularly. 

We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Lauren, aka spanageltheanimal. Her creativity, skill, and enthusiasm for makeup and self-expression make her the perfect ambassador for our brand. She embodies the spirit of Colourfuleye, which is all about celebrating individuality and embracing the power of color.

Through her photos wearing our lenses, Lauren has shown just how transformative colored contacts can be. With the right lens, you can change your entire look and bring out different aspects of your personality. Whether you want to be bold and daring or sweet and innocent, there's a Colourfuleye lens that's perfect for you.

We hope that you'll be as inspired by Lauren's photos as we are. Check out our website to see our full range of colored contact lenses.

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