Top 8 Important Things You Should Think About Getting Prescription Colored Contacts


Can I Get Prescription Contacts From Colourfuleye?

Colorfuleye is concerned about our customers' health. According to the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA), all contact lens sellers must verify a customer's prescription before selling lenses. As a customer-focused contact lens brand, we will not sell you prescription contact lenses without first verifying the prescription. If you need to buy prescription contact lenses, please send us a valid copy of your prescription (photo/scan) as well as the name and contact information for the prescriber, such as an email or phone number. We will contact them directly as soon as possible to verify your prescription.

1. First and foremost. While you should have your eyes checked every two years to monitor any changes in your vision and eye health, it's especially important to have an eye test before ordering prescription colored contact lenses from a reputable optician. This is the only way to ensure that your contact lenses are prescribed in the proper strength and curvature, as well as that they fit correctly.

2. Before your appointment, do some research on colored contact lenses. Based on the results of your eye exam and the health of your eyes, your eye care professional will make recommendations to you. When you know what you're looking for and have done your research, you're more likely to make an informed decision rather than feeling pressured to select one lens over another. You can also ask your eye care professional specific questions about how to care for and store the lenses you choose.

3. When you're ready to order your prescription lenses, go with a reputable source that sells name brand products. While it may be tempting to choose a "non-" brand due to cost, you may end up with lenses that have not been adequately tested and quality controlled. Lenses that do not correct your vision properly or cause eye damage are not cost effective. When it comes to colored contact lenses, now is not the time to bargain.

4. Obtaining the proper contact lenses requires a correct prescription. If the prescription is correct, the lenses will be comfortable, your vision will be properly corrected, and you will become accustomed to your colored eye contact lenses as quickly as possible. Do not be afraid to have your optician double-check your prescription.

5. Determine the color you want to use. Prescription colored contact lenses can help you enhance your natural color, change it to a different color, or go for a completely outrageous design.

6. Make sure you understand how to care for your new lenses before leaving the doctor's office. Don't be afraid to inquire. If you don't understand a procedure, request a demonstration from your doctor. Inquire with your eye doctor about the brand of solution used to clean and store your new contact lenses. To avoid damage to your eyes or lenses, use a good solution correctly.

7. When wearing prescription colored contacts, always follow the proper care instructions. As with any other type of contact lens, they should be removed before going to bed to avoid infection or damage to the eye. Because of their slightly different properties, colored contact lenses should be worn less frequently than non-colored contact lenses.

8. Keep in mind that prescription colored contacts can cause minor irritation when first inserted, but this usually goes away after a few minutes. Once your eyes adjust to them, they can not only correct your vision but also serve as an excellent accessory.

Colored contact lenses can enhance your appearance and self-esteem. For many years, ophthalmologists have assisted patients in selecting the best colored contact lenses.

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