Are Colored Contact Lenses Safe?


We have to say that adding a new splash of color to your eyes can be a fun way to change your appearance on a daily basis. Colored contact lenses are perfectly safe if prescribed and dispensed by an eye doctor. Illegal, dangerous contact lenses are sold online and in certain stores, which can lead to eye damage and permanent vision loss. Let's look at how to get safe, prescription, brightly colored contacts that will protect your vision and make your eyes more appealing.

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Is It Safe To Wear Colored Contact Lenses?

Wearing FDA-approved coloured contact lenses prescribed by your optometrist and fitted by your optometrist is completely safe. Colourfuleye's contact lenses are certified to international quality standards, such as FDA, ISO, and CE medical device business enterprise licenses, and we work with partner ophthalmologists, so buying colored contact lenses on our website is completely risk-free. They are just as safe as regular contact lenses as long as you follow basic hygiene guidelines when inserting, removing, replacing, and storing them. This includes using clean hands when wearing contact lenses, using fresh contact lens solution, and replacing your contact lens case every three months.

Even experienced contact wearers can, on occasion, endanger their contacts. According to one study, more than 80% of colored contact lens wearers cut corners on contact lens hygiene habits such as not changing their lenses on a regular basis, napping with their lenses in, or not seeing their eye doctor on a regular basis. Examine your contacts to see if you're putting yourself at risk of infection or eye damage by handling them incorrectly.

Illegal Colored Contact Lenses Are Hazardous

Unfortunately, some online retailers, as well as some gas stations and beauty salons, sell hazardous, illegal coloured contact lenses. It is illegal to sell these lenses in the United States. They are not FDA-approved and can cause severe eye damage in just a few hours. Because your eyes are shaped differently, these single-size lenses will not fit properly. It's not the same as wearing the wrong size shoe. Ill-fitting contacts can scratch your cornea and cause keratitis, or a corneal ulcer. Keratitis can cause permanent vision damage, including blindness.

Furthermore, while costume contact lenses are eye-catching for Halloween, the coatings used in these illegal contacts may allow less oxygen into your eyes. One study found that some decorative contact lenses may contain chlorine and cause eye irritation.

Types Of Colored Contact Lenses 

There are numerous types of contacts. These include:

  • Enhanced tint contact lenses - These lenses alter or enhance the natural colour of your eyes. They are usually effective for light-colored eyes but not for dark-colored eyes.
  • Opaque tinted contact lenses - These lenses will completely change the colour of your eyes, including darker eyes.
  • Sports coloured contact lenses - Some athletes seeking a competitive advantage may opt for tinted sports contact lenses to improve contrast or reduce glare in their sport.

How To Tell If Your Contact Lenses Have Infected Your Eyes

Even if you wear prescribed, properly fitting contact lenses, unsafe wearing habits can irritate or infect your eyes. These dangers are heightened for those who wear ill-fitting coloured contact lenses obtained from unsightly, non-FDA-approved sources.

Indications That Colored Contacts Could Cause Eye Infection

Seek medical attention right away if you are experiencing eye pain. Furthermore, be aware of the following signs of a possible eye infection:

  • Swelling and redness
  • Swelling
  • leaking fluid
  • Eyes that are wet
  • Vision distortion
  • Light sensitivity

Colored Contact Lens Precautions

  1. Even if you clean your contact lenses between wears, do not share them with friends. Contact lenses are custom-made for your eyes.
  2. If your eyes are red, tired, or swollen, avoid wearing contacts.
  3. Before and after handling your contacts, wash your hands.
  4. Wear your contacts no longer than your eye doctor recommends.
  5. Wearing contacts while swimming or showering is not recommended.
  6. Follow the contact-handling instructions.

Buying Safe Colored Contacts

You can safely change your eye colour with a new pair of coloured contacts after learning these things about using coloured contacts.

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