Before You Open The Colored Contact Lenses Package

After receiving your lenses, it is critical that you thoroughly inspect the packaging before continuing to wear them. All Colourfuleye lenses are packaged in sterile isotonic vials or blister packs. This is done to keep the lenses sealed, sterile, and bacteria-free.

Check the package or vial for the following items:
  • Cracks in the package or cap
  • The vial or blister seal has been damaged.
  • Vial or blister package cracks
  • Solution leakage or loss in the blister pack or vial

Any damage to the packaging may increase the likelihood that your contact lenses will become contaminated with harmful bacteria. If you believe your contact lenses or packaging has been damaged for any reason. Please do not wear your contact lenses and instead contact our customer service team.

Before opening the package, please ensure that you have read all of the available information so that you can answer any questions you may have. Everything from how to properly care for your contact lenses to how to store them between uses is covered in our contact lens care guide. We cover how to prepare your contact lenses, clean them after use, and store them to reduce the risk of infection in our guide. Because our lenses are made of soft, delicate materials, they must be handled with care to avoid breakage and damage.

Check that you have received the correct prescription when you receive your lenses. The prescription for the lenses is printed on the box. While it is extremely unlikely that you will receive the incorrect lenses, it is important to check. If you received the incorrect prescription contact lenses, please notify us before opening the package.

The first step in obtaining colored contact lenses is to consult with your optician or eye doctor. They will be able to tell you if you can wear contact lenses and which lenses are best for you. Even if you don't require a prescription, you should do this. If you have any questions about your prescription, be sure to contact your optician.

When purchasing contact lenses for the first time, we recommend performing a quick visual inspection before opening them. Although it is uncommon, lenses can be damaged during shipping. All of our lenses are kept in disinfectant solution-filled vials or blister packs. This means you can see the lenses before opening the package.

Examine the surface of the lenses for tears, breaks, or abrasions. If you find anything, take pictures and send them to our customer service team, who can assist you in arranging a replacement lens. They will be unable to process any requests unless photographic evidence is provided.

Never attempt to insert contact lenses that appear to be torn or broken in any way. If they arrive damaged, please notify our customer service team prior to opening the package.

When buying colored contacts online, it can be difficult to predict how they will appear in person. If you want to see how our lenses appear in real life, visit our blog and social media to see how our lenses appear on our talented co-ambassadors. Our co-ambassadors have a variety of eye colours, so you can see how they look in every shade from blue to brown.

Because all of the images on our website are illustrative, the results may vary depending on your natural eye colour. If you suspect that contact lenses will not provide the desired effect, please seal the lenses and contact our customer service team for assistance.

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