What You Should Know Before You Wear Colored Contacts on Brown Eyes

Would you like to take your brown eyes and make them appear another color? If so, you may be wondering if colored contacts will really work for your deep brown eyes. While many of the earlier types of colored contacts did not do a very superb job for those who have brown eyes, today there are new styles of contacts that can provide you with the look that you desire. Now that there are an abundance of selections available to you, you have to decide on which contacts will look best with your eyes.

What Types of Colored Contacts to Stay Away From

While there are a variety of colored contact lenses out there, not every type is going to work for your brown eyes; in fact, there are just some types that you might as well just stay away from. Color enhancement contacts are definitely a type of color contacts that you should avoid. In essence they were designed to enhance eye color and make it look more vivid. They usually come in gray, blue and green, but not brown. Since they are only made to enhance eye color, they will do little or nothing for people who have deep brown eyes.

The Best Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

There are also some new opaque colored contacted lenses. They are definitely the best choice for people who have brown eyes. They are specifically designed for people who have darker eyes and they are totally opaque, except for in the center so you are able to see. They are made to be very natural and can make your brown eyes look better. You can find these opaque colored lenses in a variety of colors, such as shades of green, violet, hazel and blue.

Making Colored Contacts Work with Your Entire Image for a Great Look

Since there are so many different color options that are now available to people who have brown eyes, you will want to be sure that you find the color that will look good with your entire image. You want to contacts to look natural with your skin tone and hair color so that they don't look like they are fake. Your eyes have a lot to do with your complete look, so you may want to try out several different colors and see how they compliment your look as a whole. More than likely you will be completely astonished at how changing your eye color can change the entire way you look.

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