What Color Will Contacts Go Well With Your Hair Color Perfectly


Many people love to wear Color Contacts. There is something special about being able to change your eye color. This is especially true for those who change their hair color, but it may not compliment their eye color so well. But what color of contacts does go best with each hair color? Will more than one work or will just one do the job? Those are great questions, which is why it is important to know the answers.

Brown hair

Those with brown hair tend to have varying eye colors, but most commonly their eyes are brown. Next to that, you'll find individuals with Blue eyes or Hazel eyes. Green and gray tend to be rare with those with brown hair, although it can happen.

If you're someone with brown hair who was born with brown eyes and you want something different, you can try a blue. Blue tends to go very well with brown hair. Depending on the shade of brown, you may want to try hazel as well. This is usually for those who may have lighter brown hair with a red tinge to it.

Blonde hair

Those with blonde hair are most commonly born with blue or green eyes. You will also see those with brown eyes. Those with blue or brown eyes may want to go for a green to go with their blonde hair. Then again, someone with blue or green eyes may decide to have brown. However, many are in agreement that blue or Green color contacts may go best with blonde hair.

There are also some rather exotic contact lens colors. There are bright green colors, reds, purples, and so much more. You may want your color to look natural or you may want it to be obvious that you're using colored contacts.

Black hair

Those with black hair may choose to go with a lighter contact lens color. You will notice that blue eyes go great with black hair. So if you're someone with dark eyes, you may want to lighten it up a bit. You can also try gray, which may look rather different. However, for those who really want to be different, it is said that purple contact lenses can look quite interesting on an individual.

Red hair

For those with red hair who have blue or green eyes, trying blue or green color contacts may be the way to go. But, of course, if you have blue eyes you're not going to try blue contacts unless they are of a different shade. The same goes for green eyes. You can get rather creative, but everyone is more or less in agreement that red hair and green eyes make for a great combination.

Be creative

Nevertheless, you can be creative. There are so many different colors out there. There are even contact lenses that have shapes on them. You have probably seen someone who looks like they have green cat eyes or they have lightning bolts in their eyes. It is obvious that they're wearing contacts, but they do it so that they look different. They like to experiment with different colors and more or less make people look at them.

However, you may not be satisfied with your natural eye color or you are changing your hair color. When either one of these things are an issue for you, you know that colored contacts offer you a viable option. You shouldn't have to be dissatisfied with something that you can change. Although you can't have surgery to change your eye color, you can at least purchase a contact lens that can.

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