How To Use Contact Lens Solution

Contact lens solution is an essential item to have and incorporate into your contact lens cleaning routine. Contact lens cleaning fluid can help with:
  • Contact lens preparation and soaking
  • Keeping contact lenses moisturized
  • Contact lens protection against harmful bacteria
  • Contact lens cases and accessories should be cleaned

Of course, the most important application of the solution is cleaning your contact lenses. This should be done when you first open your contact lenses and after each use.

Here's a quick step-by-step guide to cleaning your contact lenses with solution.

  • Wash your hands with an unscented soap and thoroughly dry them.
  • Place a contact lens gently in the palm of your hand.
  • Mix in some contact lens solution (we recommend using at least three drops per lens).
  • Rub the contact lens gently with the tip of your thumb or finger (even if it says "no rub" solution). This will clear out any debris and proteins.
  • Discard the used solution.
  • Rinse your lenses with fresh solution.

Top tip: Before you begin cleaning your contact lenses, make sure you have everything you need nearby in order to limit the amount of time you spend handling them.

Why Do I Need To Use Contact Lens Solution?

There are several reasons for this, but before we get started, we'd like to dispel a few myths. Some people look for alternative contact lens solutions and even wonder if they can store their lenses without using a solution. We recommend never accepting substitutes and always using a high-quality cleaning solution. In no case should lenses be cleaned with water or saliva.

The antibacterial properties of contact lens solutions are the most important reason for using them. Not cleaning contact lenses on a regular basis or using the wrong solution can lead to health complications that can be easily avoided with proper maintenance and care.

During the day, your eyes generate proteins and absorb dust and debris from the environment. Your eyes can naturally deal with these elements, but your coloured contact lenses require additional assistance to remove contaminants and keep them clean.

Cleaning your contact lenses with contact lens solution will remove any unwanted buildup and debris. As a result, they are less likely to harbour bacteria and other unwanted contaminants. If you clean and care for your contact lenses on a regular basis, they will be more comfortable to wear.

Various Types Of Solutions

We have only discussed one type of contact lens solution in this article; however, there are several variants that you can potentially use for your lens care. Here are the distinctions to assist you in selecting the best solution for you.

Contact lens solution - This type of solution has antibacterial properties and a pH level that is similar to that of your eyes. Contact lenses should be cleaned and stored in this case. If you have sensitive eyes, you should know that most brands have a sensitive eye option. For more information, check the ingredients of your contact lens solution.

Hydrogen peroxide solutions - Some solutions contain hydrogen peroxide to provide a thorough clean when storing contact lenses. Follow the instructions for these types of solutions carefully, as you'll need to know how to neutralize hydrogen peroxide contact lenses to avoid getting hydrogen peroxide in your eyes.

Saline solutions - Antibacterial ingredients are not present in saline solutions. It can be used to keep your eyes hydrated as well as to keep your contact lenses moist.

Which Brand Of Contact Lens Solution Should I Use?

We only recommend contact lens care solutions from well-known eye care brands for your own eye health. ROHTO / Bausch & Lomb / Alcon contact lens solutions are highly recommended. After consulting your eye doctor, you can purchase the three contact lens solutions listed above on your own.

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