"Iron Flower" - The Inspiration for Our Fireworks Contacts Series


Our fireworks eye coloured contacts have a new colour scheme and a soft transition that can transform even the most dull eyes into stunning jewels. This will make your eyes appear more glistening and refreshed, emphasizing your youthful beauty. The stunning firework contact lenses are like sparks in the night sky, revealing your subtle emotions. The black lines are scattered in a pink radial pattern, and when you wear these lovely lenses, it's as if they sparkle with glamour every day. Here, we would like to introduce the inspiration for our firework contacts series.

The "Iron Flower," dubbed "the best folk fireworks," is China's last large traditional folk fireworks. It was designated a "National Intangible Cultural Heritage" by the Chinese government in 2008. The "Iron Flower" show can be seen in central China every Chinese New Year, but the performers must endure the agony of millions of "iron flowers" splashing down on their bodies.

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The iron used in the "iron flower" can withstand temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Celsius. To cool and prevent burns, the artists must use all of their strength to strike the iron, causing it to turn into tiny iron scraps that burn in the air. The iron water will not be completely scattered if the artists do not hit hard enough or in the wrong place, limiting the height of the iron flower leap. This makes the iron flower unattractive and makes it very easy for the iron flower to burn the artists. As a result, "iron flower" is also known as the brave man's activity.

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After seeing this iron flower show, our design team was inspired to create the fireworks series of contacts. Perhaps the stage was crude and basic, and the audience stood to watch the performance. But when the fireworks began, we were all taken aback by their magnificence and the artists' brave and fearless spirit. We wanted to share this lovely moment we captured. We hope that this series, like the artists we saw performing without fear of the iron fireworks' heat, represents bravery and hope.

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Three colours are used to create tri-color firework contacts, which can make your eyes appear more vibrantly coloured. The wide, rich, three-dimensional outer edge of this type of eye contact lens offers your eyes an oceanic purity and depth. Your pupil is entirely covered, giving you naturally lovely eyes. Your overall appearance is given a hint of mystery by the numerous tiny dots strewn across the lens, which also gives your eyes the innocent quality of a child.

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