Natural Contact Lenses, The Beauty Secret To Of Mask Makeup


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Will you still wear full makeup while wearing a mask every day during the pandemic?


Anyway, I can't. The foundation that takes me ton of minutes all goes to the inside of the mask which is a nightmare. Now all the sistas in our office are going out with "makeup for mask ", which means we only focus on the eyes and eyebrows. No foundation involves. Thank goodness for this revolutionary invention of colored contacts! They are saving me a looooooooot of time.


Talking about eye makeup, you must think it’s all about eyeshadow, am I right? Do you really think that heavy eyeshadow can suit in the office or casual meeting which happens every day?

Don’t apeal to be the one who tries to hard! Chill.


We cannot say that eyeshadow is not important, yet in the working environment, a good pair of contact lenses can be a better solution. It helps to enlarge the eyes naturally! But don't the cosplay type which is too dramatic for a daily day. If the diameter is too large and the color does not match your own, it may also appear to be awkward. To choose a suitable color contact lens, there are too many parameters to look at.



Daily or Monthly or Annual? 

The replacement cycle of contact lenses is divided into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual. I personally think that daily contact lens is the best. It is disposable for daily use, unlike other cycles that require daily cleaning with contact lens solution to ensure that the next wear is free of bacteria and impurities.



How to choose the diameter of the contact lenses?

Color contact lens diameter is divided into lens diameter and tinting diameter, both parameters need to be considered when choosing. Lens diameter refers to the actual diameter of the lens in its normal shape, which has a great impact on wearing comfort. For example, the average diameter of the cornea of ​​our Asians is 11.5~12mm, and the diameter of the lens can be kept at 13.5~14.5mm when choosing a color contact lens, so that it is more comfortable to wear, and you will not feel that there is a foreign body in the eye. The coloring diameter refers to the diameter of the color-attached part of the color contact lens. The general value is 13~13.8mm. It determines the magnification effect of the color lens on the eyes, but it does not mean that it is better to choose a larger diameter. , may become godless "dog eyes"!


  • TIPS:

①Diameter ≤13.6mm is a natural model, it will make the eyes look naturally enlarged, and it can also be worn with daily makeup.

②13.6mm≤diameter≤14.2mm, you need to put on makeup before wearing, eyeliner and eye shadow are indispensable, otherwise it will be very awkward.

③≥14.2mm is an exaggerated model. It can be used like cosplay. Normally, don't touch it easily!



What is the use of water content and oxygen permeability?

It's time for a relatively important party! Water content and oxygen permeability have a lot to do with the comfort of wearing beauty contact lenses. They are also a set of parameters that accompany each other. For details, see below! The first thing to emphasize is that the water content is not as high as possible, you can choose according to your own needs~

Generally speaking, lenses with a water content of less than 40% have lower oxygen permeability and general comfort. Color lenses with a water content >60% have higher oxygen permeability. The advantage is that the lenses are soft and comfortable to wear, but it is also inconvenient to wear because it is too soft, and it will cause dry eyes when worn for a long time. To sum up, you little cuties can choose the water content in a compromise, and you have to choose the right contact lenses according to your eye condition.



How to choose the lens material?

The materials used to make beauty contact lenses are generally divided into silicone hydrogels and non-ionic materials. The non-ionic material is light, thin and soft, and it has little foreign body sensation when wearing it, and sisters with sensitive eyes can also rush it! All my contact lenses are selected according to the above criteria, and indeed each of the picks is very comfortable to wear!



base arc

The base arc is 8.5mm, which is in line with the parameters mentioned above, indicating that it is very docile and will not be troubled by shifting.

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