Natural Contact Lenses - The Secret Of Beautiful Makeup


Would you still put on full makeup and a mask every day during COVID-19?

In a nutshell, I couldn't do it. The foundation, which took me several minutes to apply entirely inside the mask, was a nightmare. Now, all of the sisters in our office "do makeup for the mask," which means we only focus on our eyes and brows. There is no foundation involved. Thank God for the groundbreaking invention of colored contact lenses! They have saved me a lot of time. They have saved me a significant amount of time.

I'm guessing you think eye makeup is all about eye shadow, don't you? Do you believe that wearing heavy eyeshadow to the office or casual meetings on a daily basis is appropriate? Please don't see yourself as the one who works hard!

We can't say that eye shadow isn't important, but in a professional setting, a good pair of contact lenses may be a better option. It can naturally help to magnify the eyes! But not the cosplay variety, which is far too theatrical for everyday use. They may also appear out of place if the diameter is too large and the color is not the same as yours. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a suitable colored contact lens.

Daily Or Monthly Or Annual Contact Lenses? 

Contact lenses are changed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Daily contact lenses, in my opinion, are the best. It is disposable and can be used on a daily basis, as opposed to other cycles, which require daily cleaning with contact lens solution to ensure that the next wear is free of bacteria and impurities.

How To Choose The Diameter Of The Contact Lenses?

Colored contact lens diameter is divided into lens diameter and tinting diameter, and both parameters must be considered when selecting. Lens diameter is the actual diameter of the lens in its normal state, and it has a significant impact on how comfortable it is to wear. When selecting colored contact lenses, keep the lens diameter at 13.514.5mm to ensure comfort and avoid feeling a foreign body in your eyes. The tinting diameter is the diameter of the colored contact lens's attached color portion. The average measurement is 13~13.8mm. It determines the magnifying effect of colored lenses on the eyes, but it does not imply that a larger diameter is preferable. Otherwise, you might end up as a godless "dog eye"!

What Is The Use Of Water Content And Oxygen Permeability?

It's time for a semi-important party! The comfort of wearing cosmetic contact lenses is heavily influenced by water content and oxygen permeability. They are also a set of parameters that work together. Please see below for more information! The first point to emphasize is that higher water content is not necessarily better, and you can choose based on your needs.

Lenses with less than 40% water content, in general, have low oxygen permeability and general comfort. Colored lenses with more than 60% water content have a high oxygen permeability. The advantage is that the lenses are soft and comfortable to wear; however, they are also too soft and inconvenient to wear, and can cause dry eyes for extended periods of time. To summarize, all the lovely ladies can compromise on the water content and should select the appropriate contact lens based on their eye condition.

How To Choose The Lens Material?

Cosmetic contact lenses are made from two types of materials: silicone hydrogel and non-ionic materials. Non-ionic materials are light, thin, and soft, and when worn, they cause little foreign body sensation. 

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