Contact lenses shouldn't be put in after makeup has been applied, an expert has advised.

Putting your contact lenses in is a very delicate and sensitive process, but many people become complacent.

Contact lenses should be applied with care - before makeup

The use of makeup with contact lenses incorrectly can have adverse effects, explains expert optician Sharon Copeland.

According to her, your eyes are one of the most important organs in your body, and not applying makeup and contact lenses correctly can hurt your eye health.

It's more likely that debris will get trapped between the lens and your eye if you wear makeup before your contacts.

According to Sharon, if you put the lenses in after applying makeup, they are more likely to become dirty and damaged, which makes it easier for makeup to get trapped in the eyes, which can cause further irritation.

Sharon suggested looking after your eyes when applying makeup, saying: "We often spend an inordinate amount of time applying eye make-up and contacts, without thinking of the potential harm they may cause. 

Take the time to make sure all products are up-to-date and carefully apply products, clean lenses, and take make-up off properly. 

The first reason to replace makeup often is so that more flakes won't fall into the eyes.

Makeup, including mascara wands and applicators, can also harbor microbes as they age.

As a result of bacteria, the cornea, the clear dome in front of the eye, can become infected, a condition known as keratitis.

As a result of keratitis, you will experience eye pain, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and teary eyes.

Typically, it occurs when contact lenses are dirty, stored incorrectly in water or an unclean case, or worn overnight.

Experts recommend washing off makeup as soon as possible and replacing your lenses with a new pair if you feel the makeup is irritating your eyes. 

It's also recommended that those who wear lenses use water-based products instead of oil, and never borrow another person's makeup.



The doctor also pointed out other big mistakes people make, saying: "Monthly contact lenses, and monthly colored contact lenses, have become increasingly popular in the past few years, but we often see patients who have accidentally left them in for longer than advised. 

We often see people who have opened monthly colored lenses, and then kept them in solutions, after they have been opened for 30 days. 

"With it being 30 days instead of 30 wears, it should absolutely be avoided. 

It is recommended to cleanse your lenses with a sterile solution rather than water in order to avoid the contamination of your lenses with bacteria, such as Acanthamoeba. 

In addition to not sleeping with your monthly contacts, it is also important not to wear them at night while you are wearing eye makeup.

“It’s really important that we don’t overuse our contacts. Change your lenses as recommended, whether daily, weekly, or as directed by your eye doctor.”

Keeping contact lenses in during showering and sleeping is a huge no-go.

It could even lead to blindness, doctors have warned.

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