Top 6 Awesome Reasons For Wearing Sclera Contact Lenses

Nearly five million Americans over the age of fifty suffer from dry eye syndrome. These patients complain of eyes that are dry, itchy, irritated, and sometimes downright painful. Eye drops and artificial tears can deliver relief but is not any quite a short lived solution. Furthermore, since artificial tears containing preservatives can only be administered up to 4 times per day, some find that they can't achieve sufficient relief through such means. As a result, many patients that suffer from chronic dry eyes eventually find yourself seeking alternative methods of treatment.

One choice to solver dry eye is that the use of Scleral Contact Lenses. Though commonly wont to treat corneal irregularities and refractive errors, Scleral Eye Contacts also can provide great relief to dry eye patients. Here are six reasons why.

1. They don't irritate the cornea as other contacts do

For patients that need vision correction but even have dry eye syndrome, contact lenses are often not an option. Standard soft lenses sit on the cornea, which may be extremely irritating for dry eye patients. They also act as sponges, absorbing the moisture on the surface of the attention. For dry eye patients, these factors make wearing standard contact lenses virtually unbearable. Scleral Circle Lenses, on the opposite hand, sit on the sclera (the white of the eye) and vault over the cornea. The lenses don't touch the corneal surface in the least , thereby minimizing irritation.

2. Their design ensures constant hydration of the eye

The space between the surface of the cornea and therefore the Scleral Lens is crammed with a saline . This solution acts as a continuing source of hydration for the attention , providing unbeatable relief for dry eye patients. Artificial tears, also as antibiotics, are often added into the bowl of the lens before insertion to help in lubricating and promote healing of the ocular surface.

3. They protect the cornea

Dry eye syndrome leaves the eyes more sensitive and therefore the corneas more susceptible to injury. Even something as simple because the blinking of the attention lids can irritate the eye or maybe injure the cornea thanks to the mechanical friction of the eyelids on the cornea. Scleral Cosmetic Lenses can act as a shield between a patient’s eyes and their eyelids/the outside environment. This shield protects the eyes from further irritation or damage.

4. They permit the attention to regain a healthier appearance

Patients with dry eye syndrome often find yourself with eyes that look extremely red, bloodshot, and unhealthy. a part of the matter is that the condition itself, while the opposite issue is that the eyes are continually being irritated or injured further by blinking and/or insufficient hydration. By giving the eyes a shield from the surface world and a continuing hydration source, Scleral Lenses play a therapeutic role in helping the attention heal or stay healthy. In turn, the eyes retain a healthier appearance.

5. Patients can continue using eye drops and artificial tears during lens wear

Patients can continue using preservative-free eye drops or artificial tears to lubricate the attention during lens wear. there's no “either-or” proposition between scleral lenses or eye drops. thereupon said, many patients may find that they will decrease the frequency of artificial tear use once they begin wearing Scleral Contacts, or that they only need eyed rops in the dark after they need removed their lenses for the day.

6. Scleral Eye Contacts can drastically improve quality of life

Patients with dry eyes struggle with pain, discomfort, eye exhaustion, confidence issues thanks to severe eye redness, and more. Scleral lenses do three things directly for these patients: they supply vision correction, they protect the attention , and that they serve a therapeutic purpose by lubricating the attention . These factors can improve the standard of lifetime of people with dry disease . They decrease pain and/or discomfort, eye redness, the necessity to repeatedly scratch the eyes or apply eyedrops, and simultaneously provide crisp, clear vision during wear.

If you struggle with dry eye syndrome and are trying to find a simpler treatment method than simply eye drops and artificial tears, you ought to ask your ophthalmologist about scleral lenses.

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