Top 26 Tips To Take Care Of Contact Lenses And Eyes

Eyes are susceptible to infections; especially once you wear contact lenses. If you are doing not use eye contacts as directed or don't take proper care of it, you'll be damaging your eyes. The foremost important thing that you simply can do is to stay your lenses clean. Aside from that, there are variety of things that you simply can do to require proper care of your eyes and get in touch with lenses. Take a look:

Take Care of your Circle Lenses

Here is how you'll take care of your contact lenses

1. Wash your hands with soap before. Pat them dry employing a lint-free towel before you handle your contact lenses.

2. Keep the contact lenses faraway from water. Remove lenses before getting to swimming or while bathing.

3. Avoid using saline and rewetting drops for disinfecting your lenses.

4. Wear lenses as per guideline. Replace them consistent with the schedule as prescribed by the attention specialist.

5. Never put your contact lenses in your mouth to urge them wet.

6. When cleaning, rub the contact lenses using fingers first. then , rinse the lenses with an answer then soak them. As per the attention experts, this “rub and rinse” method is that the best way of cleaning the contact . albeit the answer may be a “no-rub” variety then also you'll use it to rub the lenses.

7. Follow proper guideline for cleaning and storing the lenses. Ask the attention specialist for the rules .

8. Never rinse or wash your contact lenses with water. Don't even consider keeping them in water rather than the answer.

9. If you're storing the lenses within the case for a extended period, follow the instructions to work out if you would like to re-disinfect the lenses before wearing them again. In any case, avoid wearing a contact after storing it for a minimum of 30 days without re-disinfecting the lenses.

10. Always rinse the contact case using fresh solution. NEVER use water. Leave the empty case open and air-dry it.

11. Never let the tip of the answer bottle to return in touch with the other surface. Tightly close the bottle after use or when not in use.

12. Replace the contact case a minimum of every three months. These are often a source of infection. Never use damaged lens cases.

13. Never re-use old contact solution.

14. Avoid transferring the contact solution into the other container. This affects the sterility of the answer, and this might cause an eye fixed infection.

Take Care of Your Eyes

If you wear lenses, then take proper care of your eyes to avoid any quite infection. Here is how you'll keep your eyes safe:

15. Wear your contacts as per your doctor recommends. Wear them as long because the doctor thinks it's necessary.

16. Just in case you can't keep track of the time when to vary your lenses, ask your ophthalmologist to offer you a chart for tracking your schedule. Or else, make a chart for yourself.

17. Never wear someone else's contact lenses, especially if its wearer already uses those lenses. Using other's contact lenses can get you eye infections or other foreign bodies from their eyes to yours.

18. Never roll in the hay your contact lenses in. Avoid doing it unless you've got an extended-wear lens. once you close your eyelids, your tears don't get much oxygen to your eyes compared to when it's open. So, take the lenses off before getting to sleep.

19. When going out, wear sunglasses with complete UV protection. you'll even wear a hat. Contact lenses make your eyes light-sensitive.

20. Keep your eyes moist and use a rewetting solution (if only recommended by your doctor).

21. Often people accidentally wear contact lenses inside out. Although this doesn't hurt it doesn't feel good even. So as to avoid this keep the lens on the tip of your finger in order that it forms a cup. Now, check out the contact from the side. If the cup of the lens seems like it flares out at the highest and features a lip meaning the lens is inside out. And if it seems like the letter “U,” then it's the proper side out.

22. If wearing contact lenses gets your eye irritated, remove the lenses. ask your doctor and don't wear them until as suggested by the doctor. If you continue wearing them, your eye will get infected.

23. Just in case you've got sudden vision loss or have a blurred vision that won’t get better; if you experience light flashes, swelling and weird redness in your eye, attend your ophthalmologist directly.

24. If you smoke, then quit smoking. Contact lens wearers who smoke are more likely to urge eye problems than non-smokers.

25. Don't use any decorative lenses. Avoid buying lenses that are sold at the at costume shops. These lenses can damage your eyes permanently.

26. Get your eyes regularly checked. If you wear contact lenses, you ought to visit an eye fixed care specialist quarterly or annually as per your need and as suggested by the doctor.

You are affected by a contact-lens related infection if you experience these following symptoms:
  • blurry vision
  • unusual redness of the attention
  • feeling like there's something in your eye
  • pain within the eye
  • light sensitivity
  • tearing or heavy discharge from the attention

Do not avoid these symptoms as contact lens-related eye infections can cause severe complications and even cause vision loss. Rush to an eye fixed specialist if you wear a contact and knowledge of these symptoms.

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