Top 7 Myths And Facts About Contact Lenses


Basketball players, musicians, rappers, and a few other celebrities are among those who believe the earth is flat! That's right, despite the long-standing myth, these incredibly stupid people believe in a myth that most of our ancient ancestors did not believe in. That's right, these incredibly people believe in a myth that, contrary to what the perpetual myths claim, most of our ancient ancestors did not believe in. Perhaps these people believe George Washington really did cut down the infamous cherry tree, Julius Caesar was born via C-section, and contact lenses get lost behind your eyeballs! Unlike historical myths, medical myths increase your cool factor at the water cooler, but they do nothing and can actually harm you. So, let's clear the air once and for all and dispel these contact myths.

Seven Contact Lens Myths And Facts

1. Contact Lenses Can Become Misplaced Behind Your Eyes

We don't understand why contact lenses continue to fall out of your eyes. This, like the flat earth theory, is one of the most bizarre contact lens myths out there! This is not possible unless you are a character in a science fiction film. The sclera (white of the eye) is covered by a thin membrane (conjunctiva) that is attached to the inside of the eyelid. A contact lens cannot move to the back of your eye and become lost! It is not possible. If a friend tells you this happened to them, it's because they blinked and dropped their contact lens on a shag carpet from the 1970s.

2. Contact Lenses Can Become Permanently Attached To Your Eyes

This is only possible if you're a super realistic wax figure at Madame Tussauds or use super glue instead of rewetting potion! This is simply not possible. Yes, contact lenses can become stuck from time to time, especially when they dry out, but this is usually easily remedied.

3. Contact Lenses Are A Real Pain In The Neck — Er, Eye

Contact lenses can irritate your eyes on occasion, especially when you first start wearing them. Contact lenses are so comfortable that you may forget you're wearing them after a brief adjustment period. Don't forget that this can cause serious eye problems!

4. You Can Wear Your Contacts All Day & Night Without Removing Them

There are no blood vessels on the cornea (the front of the eye) where the contacts are placed. Contact lenses block the passage of nourishing oxygen. Leaving contacts in for an extended period of time can cause oxidative stress, which can result in inflammation, dry eye, pink eye, abrasions, allergies, infections, eye ulcers, and permanent vision damage.

5. Contact Lenses Are Not An Option For People Who Have Astigmatism Or High Counts

Of course, this was once true, but welcome to the twenty-first century and the ever-changing world of medical technology. Toric contact lenses are now widely available for people with high levels of astigmatism. Furthermore, contact lenses can be worn by almost anyone who is nearsighted, regardless of how strong their prescription is.

6. Contact Lenses Have The Ability To Permanently Alter The Color Of Your Eyes

Colored contact lenses only change your eye color when you wear them, unlike actors who change their eye color for their roles. If you've always wanted blue eyes instead of brown, you'll have to accept it or wear colored contact lenses!

7. Contact Lenses Are Prohibitively Expensive

Contact lenses are usually much less expensive than a good pair of glasses. Even daily disposable contacts, which were once thought to be a luxury, are now affordable. You can also increase your savings.

In conclusion... Are your contacts safe? Yes, but, as with any other medical device, you must follow simple instructions and precautions and avoid doing foolish things that sound more like urban legends than reality!

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