Wearing And Caring For Colored Contact Lenses


Whether you're a first-time contact lens user or a seasoned pro, we've put together this handy guide to help you insert your lenses and properly dispose of them.

If you've chosen reusable contact lenses over daily wear types, you should know how to properly care for them. Contact lenses are delicate accessories that must be properly cared for in order to be safe and comfortable to wear each time they are used.

We can help you make the most of your new colored contact lenses while maintaining their comfort and durability by following the steps below.

Inserting Colored Contact Lenses

Please see below for some of our own contact lens insertion advice. The following method is recommended for inserting soft contact lenses.

inserting contact lens

1. Place one of the lenses on your index finger, ensuring that the contact lens is properly oriented.
2. Lower your lower eyelid with your other hand and gently place the contact lens over your eye. If the lens falls out, thoroughly clean it with the solution. Before attempting to reinsert the lenses, double-check their orientation.
3. Once the lens is in place, avoid blinking and gently look around to ensure that the contact lens is properly positioned.
4. You can show off your contact lenses to your heart's content now that they're in! Remember not to wear them for more than the recommended 8 hours.

How to Remove Contact Lenses

Attempting to remove your contact lenses can be awkward at times, especially if you try to handle them gently. However, it is not only simple, but also painless and quick. Follow these steps to learn how to remove your contacts.

remove contact lenses
1. Lower your lower eyelid on the side with the lens you want to remove with one hand.
2. With your other hand, gently move the contact lens down to your lower eyelid with your index finger.
3. Gently remove the contact lens from your eye when it touches your lower eyelid and begins to fold.
4. Begin cleaning your lenses and soaking them in contact lens solution.

Remember to clean your colored contact lenses after removing them and placing them back in their freshly cleaned contact lens case.

Caring for Contact Lenses

It is critical to always wash your hands after handling contact lenses.

Most importantly, always thoroughly wash or clean your hands before handling contact lenses. Bacteria spread quickly, which is the cause and mode of most eye infections. This is true for the insertion, removal, and transportation phases of contact lens use.

A common misconception is that only washing your hands is important; however, drying your hands is equally important during this process. You risk transferring these bacteria if your hands are not thoroughly washed and you handle the lenses with wet hands. Before handling anything, wash your hands with soap and water and thoroughly dry them.

You should also make sure that you are handling your contact lenses with your fingertips. Contact lens tearing is frequently caused by sharp fingernails.

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