What are Contacts?


Contacts are a kind of lens that can change the color of the eyes. It is known as colored contact lenses. Wearing beautiful contacts can achieve the effect of naked makeup. It is perfectly combined with the pupil color. The eyes are more bright and bright under the light. The time of contacts can not exceed 6 hours a day. It is necessary to use the medicine to invade the bubble every day, and buy a large brand with quality certification.


1、 What is contacts

Contacts usually refer to color contact lenses, which are worn by nearsighted people and normal people. Contact lenses are very harmful to the cornea. If they are brought into direct contact with the eyeball, they should not be taken for more than 6 hours a day. Every day, they should be soaked with liquid medicine, and then pasted onto the eyeball with hands or tools

Wearing the colored contacts can achieve the effect of naked makeup, which is perfectly combined with the pupil color; Under the light, the eyes are more brilliant

Color contact lenses contain pigment. Most small brands of color contact lens pigment are directly printed and dyed on the surface of the lens. If the production technology is not up to standard, there may be pigment substances falling off and damaging the eyes in the future. The pigment may cause allergy, stimulate the cornea and conjunctiva, and cause inflammation. Therefore, to buy circle lenses, you should buy a big brand with quality certification

2、 Some precautions for contacts

  1. Before fitting with the contacts, we must go to the normal eye mechanism to perform optometry, and follow the optometrist's advice to match the contact lenses. Moreover, the first person who wears the contacts should go to the relevant Eye Center for a week after using the contacts to see if they are suitable for wearing the contact lenses.
  1. For the first time, friends with contact lenses must pay attention to the method of wearing contact lenses. Try to pull the eyelids up and down with both hands to ensure that eyelashes are not blocked by the lens, then gently stick the lens on the eye, and do not use your hand to pull it on the eyeball, so that it can not be worn.
  1. When wearing contacts, you should clean your hands first, especially during cold, try to take or not to avoid the injured bacteria from touching the eyes. When making up, should wear contact lenses first then make up.
  1. We need to pay attention to the environment and time of wearing colored contacts. Try not to wear contact lenses in dry environment. When using computer, we should shorten the time of wearing contact lenses, face the display screen for a long time, and dry eyes easily. The wearing time of contacts should be controlled within 8 hours every day, and the night is not allowed.
  1. Do not touch fire with wearing contact lenses, otherwise fire or oil into the eyeball, will cause lens damage, so it is easy to cause eyeball scald, serious will lead to blindness.


3、 How to avoid the harm of contact lenses

  1. Compared with ordinary contact lenses, contacts has pigment. If you buy inferior products accidentally, it will easily appear discoloration or fading, which will cause the corneal staining, and cause corneal infection and affect the reproduction and growth of cornea. So when buying contacts, we should choose the business with medical device business license, such as Heya glasses network, which is a famous contact lens network mall, and the quality is tested and verified by the State Administration.
  1. The dye of contacts is generally chemical in it. If the dye is applied to the eye accidentally during the wearing process, it may reduce the resistance of the eyes to the outside world, even lead to eye congestion, inflammation, redness and other adverse reactions. Therefore, the famous brand contacts should be the main brand when selecting, and the general large brand contacts is made of sandwich technology, The pigment layer is sandwiched in the middle, and will not contact the eyeball directly to avoid pigment damage to the eyeball..
  1. Long-term wearing contact lenses is easy to produce visual fatigue, cause dry eye disease. At the same time, because the contact time between lens and cornea is long, it will lead to sore glasses, increase of foreign body feeling, strong dry and astringent feeling of eyes, sometimes even the eyes are burned and the visual objects are blurred. So when wearing contacts, it should not exceed 8 hours.


Contacts is a kind of colored contact lenses, and contact lenses belong to the third type of medical equipment, so to some extent, it is harmful to the eyes. For example, long-term wearing of contacts can cause long-term hypoxia in the eye, slow down the metabolism of cells in the eye, and can not discharge foreign bodies or sediment in the eyes normally, thus causing eye infection and the formation of various diseases.


Therefore, when wearing contact lenses, we should pay attention to cleaning work and time problems. We should take two days off the eyes in a week, and don't wear them every day. After all, eye health is important.

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