Q&A: What You Don't Know About Contact Lenses ?


We frequently receive a variety of trivia questions about colored contact lenses, and we're now here to answer them.

Q: Will wearing contact lenses harm my eyes?

A: No, because we use sandwich technology, which has an excellent seal that keeps dyes out of our eyes. Improper routine examinations, prolonged wear, and improper cleaning methods can all cause eye damage.

Q: What diameter should I try on for the first time when trying on contact lenses?

A:For beginners, a diameter between 14.0mm and 14.2mm is recommended. Because it is difficult to wear at first, choose a smaller diameter. You can try 14.5 mm after some practice. If you try a larger diameter on a girl with small eyes, it will appear as if only the eyes are left. I'll leave it at that if you prefer a larger diameter.

Q: Can I wear the new contact lenses I purchased?

Answer:No! Because the liquid in the contact lens bottle is a borate, newly opened contact lenses should not be worn directly. Although it acts as a preservative, if applied directly to the eyes, it can cause irritation. They should be removed and soaked in a fresh solution for 8 to 12 hours before wearing. The solution should not be too cold and should not become too acidic. You can consult your eye doctor to purchase a quality contact lens cleaning solution that is guaranteed. (We recommend Alcon or Bausch & Lomb)

Q: Is it true that the higher the moisture content, the better?

A:Not at all! In general, short-lived lenses contain more moisture than long-lived lenses. The best water content for annual lenses is 38%-42%. You can choose between 50% and 55% for daily lenses. If your eyes are prone to dryness, it is best to select those with a low water content.

Q:Can I use the annual lenses for an entire year?

A: It is not advised! Although contact lenses are classified as annual, monthly, or daily disposable, annual disposable lenses are best used within 6 to 8 months. Proteins and bacteria tend to accumulate over time, causing dry eyes and even infection.

Q: Under what conditions should I avoid wearing contact lenses?

1. Slumbering
2. On the barbecue
3. Having a cold and a fever
4. Having a period (high eye pressure)
5. Swimming
6. Flying
7. Crying and breaking up night

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