Which Natural Color Contacts Is Right For Me?


Want to find the best natural colored contacts for you? There are many aspects to consider when you are choosing your natural color contacts, such as which contacts will change your natural eye color, which contacts will complement your skin tone or hair color, and which style of natural contact lenses will provide the best results. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when choosing which eye color is right for you to help you choose a natural design and shade you will love!

What Eye Color Is Best For Me?

Do you want to know which colored contact lenses are best for you? We believe that once you've tried one natural contact color, you'll want to try them all! So, whether you start with blue, green, brown, or gray, you should think about a colored contact lens style. If you have dark eyes, for example, the best colored lenses for you will provide vibrant color coverage to cover your brown irises. We always say that the best colored contacts for you are those that make you happy!

Which Colored Contacts Look The Most Natural? 

There are many designs to choose from if you want natural colored contacts that give your eyes a new green, gray, brown, or blue color. The most natural-looking colored lenses have intricate iris designs and vivid color coverage. These natural contact styles will assist you in achieving brilliant color in a realistic manner:

Himalaya Colored Contact Lenses

Neptune Colored Contact Lens

Sorayama Colored Contact Lenses

Looking for something to subtly enhance the color of your eyes? These natural colored contact lenses are ideal for giving your eyes a subtle change, such as adding a lighter or darker shade to your natural eye color:

Polar Lights Contact Lenses

Queen Colored Contact Lens

Hidrocor Colored Contact Lenses

Will Colored Contacts Allow You To See Color?

Colored contact lenses are intended to change the color of your eyes, but this does not imply that you will see color. Many people describe a halo as a slight tint at the edges of their vision. If you purchase some of our colored contacts, you will most likely notice a tint in your vision as the color covers the iris and pupil.

If you buy tinted contact lenses, make sure you only buy from reputable sellers to ensure the tinted lenses fit your eyes. We have a separate contact lens line at Colourfuleye that produces FDA-approved colored contact lenses and controls contact lens safety from the start.

Which Eye Color Complements My Skin Tone?

Depending on your skin tone, each color will alter your appearance, but that doesn't mean you should avoid certain shades. While some color combinations appear more naturally, the whole point of trying color contact lenses is to change your everyday look, so whether you want to try blue, brown, green, or gray eyes, you will look great. You could even take it a step further and try a pair of natural violet or purple colored contacts!


What Eye Color Is Best For Darker Skin Tones?

The most common natural eye color for people with dark skin is brown, but there are other colors that occur naturally, such as blue eyes with dark skin. If you have brown eyes, you might consider using natural hazelnut contact lenses to simply lighten them. Trying colors like green, blue, or gray, on the other hand, can help your skin give off a gorgeous natural glow. After all, the whole point of experimenting with a new eye color is to enjoy a dramatic change in your normal eye tone! Adding a new natural eye color to your look, regardless of color, is a fun way to enjoy experimenting with different makeup palettes and creating new color combinations.

What Eye Color Is Best For Fair Skin?

If you have a lighter eye color that usually appears on fair skin (hence the stereotypical blonde, blue-eyed look), you should be able to get good color coverage from a variety of natural contact lenses. Lighter eye colors are generally easier to conceal. We believe that bold, bright colors will really stand out when it comes to what eye color is best for fair skin. Choosing bright greens, harsh blues, or bold browns will provide an exciting variation in eye color, and it can be fun to experiment with different looks. Whatever color you choose, the point of trying natural colored contact lenses is to change your everyday look, so the decision is entirely yours!

What Eye Color Best Suits Your Hair Color?

What Eye Color Is Best For Blondes?

Blondes naturally have lighter eye colors, such as blue, but many people dye their hair blonde, so why not change the eye color? The classic pairing is blonde hair and blue eyes, but with natural color contact, there's no reason not to experiment with other colors with your blonde hair. To complement your blonde hair, try hazel or bright green eyes.

What Eye Color Is Best For Brown Hair?

Brown eyes are the traditional eye color for people with brown hair. This is one of nature's most common combinations, but having colored contacts can help you and help you start a new trend. Change the color of your eyes to light hazel or completely transform your look with a new vibrant eye shadow. Colored Contacts offers natural colored contact lens designs in gray, green, blue, and even purple. There will be no stopping you from creating stunning new eye color and brown hair pairings.

What Eye Color Is Best For Red Hair?

You can experiment with changing your eye color whether you're a natural redhead or using an unusual red hair dye. Red hair and green or hazel eyes are common. Blue eyes are an unusual color for natural red hair, so why not experiment with a different natural eye color? While there is a list of the most common naturally occurring eye and hair color combinations, it appears to be just as un-fun as everyone else! You can experiment with any red hair color you want with natural colored contact lenses.

So, which natural color contact lenses are the best? Only you can decide which colors and designs suit you best! Try any combination that makes you feel good, and enjoy transforming your natural eye color into a pair of new colored contacts that look equally natural. With so much attention to detail, your new colored lenses are sure to complement your everyday look.

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