Why Are Colourful Eye Contacts Great for Sports

It's pretty obvious why few athletes wear eyeglasses when they're in the game: Glasses fog up, slip, and even fall off. They provide no peripheral (side) vision. And the frame and lens edges can be distracting.

Contact lenses are clearly better than glasses for sports, and they also allow athletes to wear protective goggles that prevent eye injuries.

But which kind of contacts should an athlete choose?

The answer is, the same attributes that make Colourful Eye contacts better performers in everyday life make them better performers in sports, too:


Colourful Eye contact lenses let your eyes breathe.

They let more oxygen reach your cornea than many soft lenses, for more comfort and better health.


They resist protein deposits from tears and perspiration.

Contacts don't accumulate debris at the fast rate most soft lenses do. So they stay cleaner, longer. This means they're easier to take care of and healthier for your eyes over time. You take good care of the rest of your body — why not keep your eyes in top form, too?


When you wear contact lenses, you have many choices for non-prescription sports eyewear.

They won't dry out your eyes.

Since they don't absorb water, Colourful Eye contacts don't draw moisture away from your tear film the way soft lenses do. Your eyes will stay more comfortable during a long set of tennis or an afternoon on the golf course.

They provide crisper vision.

Since they're made of a firmer material, Colourful Eye contacts keep their shape better than soft lenses do, even when you blink. So your eyes don't have to continually refocus throughout your game, which can be annoying and detract from your performance.

Some Colourful Eye provide great vision when you're not wearing them.

Orthokeratology, also called ortho-k or corneal reshaping (CR), uses special Colourful Eye lenses that are worn only at night to gently and safely reshape your cornea. The result is crisp daytime vision without the encumbrance of glasses or contacts.

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