Why Are Colourfuleye Contacts Great for Sports


It's easy to see why so few athletes compete while wearing glasses. Glasses can become fogged, slip, or even fall off. They have no peripheral (side) vision. Furthermore, the frames and lenses' edges can be distracting.

In sports, contact lenses clearly outperform glasses, and they also allow athletes to wear protective goggles to prevent eye injuries. However, which contact lenses should athletes use? The answer is that the same characteristics that make Colourfuleye contact lenses superior in everyday use also make them superior in sports.

Colorful Contact Lenses Allow Your Eyes To Breathe

They provide more oxygen to your cornea than many soft lenses, making you more comfortable and healthier. They are resistant to protein deposits caused by tears and sweat. Contact lenses do not collect debris as quickly as soft lenses do. As a result, they remain cleaner for a longer period of time. This means that they will be easier to care for and healthier for your eyes over time. You take good care of the rest of your body, so why not take care of your eyes as well?

You have many options for over-the-counter sports glasses if you wear contact lenses. They will not irritate your eyes. Colourfuleye colored contact lenses, unlike soft lenses, do not absorb water and thus do not draw moisture from your tear film. During a long tennis match or an afternoon on the golf course, your eyes will be more comfortable. They improve visibility.

Colourfuleye colored contacts retain their shape better than soft lenses, even when you blink, because they are made of a harder material. As a result, your eyes do not have to constantly refocus throughout the race, which can be annoying and have an impact on your performance.

Even when you're not wearing colored glasses, you can see clearly. Orthokeratology, also known as ortho-k or corneal reshaping (CR), is the gentle and safe reshaping of your cornea using special colored lenses worn only at night. As a result, clear daytime vision is achieved without the use of glasses or color contact lenses.

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