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46 products

46 products

Looking to add a dash of kawaii cuteness to your look? Want something that'll kick your cosplay creations up a notch? Then look no further than our collection of awesome Anime Contact Lenses, the perfect way to transform your gaze in the blink of an eye!

Perfect for Halloween, special occasions, or fancy dress events, these quirky lenses are sure to attract plenty of attention. Whether you're after transformative circle lenses, cute Big Eyes Lenses, or some breathtaking special effects lenses, we've got just what you need! With one of the biggest collections of anime contact lenses available online, we guarantee that you'll find your perfect pair here at Colourful Eye!

Need something to take your look from zero to hero? Then a pair of anime lenses could be just what you need! These little beauties are great for a fresh look or any occasion where you want all eyes to be firmly on you.

Anime contacts are the simplest way to complete your look in style! Great for any occasion, these quirky lenses are a great addition to any Cosplayer's accessory stash. More versatile than traditional cosplay contacts, these little beauties are guaranteed to add some cartoonish vibes to any ensemble.

For an iconic stare, look no further than a pair of Sharingan contacts. These edgy black and red lenses are inspired by Kakashi from the Naruto series and will have you looking like the iconic ninja in an instant. If you prefer to live life on the kawaii side, then a pair of anime big eyes lenses are just what you need! Available in both natural tones and bold block colors, these contacts give an exaggerated doe-eyed look that's simply perfect for giving a sweet and chic feel to any ensemble. Prefer something a little more subtle? Then check out our range of anime circle lenses for size! Great for boosting the diameter and appearance of your iris, these lenses are suitable for everyday wear as well as for Cosplay.

Looking for contact lenses that are suitable for dark eyes? Look no further! Each pair of lenses we sell feature rich and vibrant color pigments, to provide superior color coverage so that even the darkest of peepers can be transformed! Searching for contacts that are suitable for fair skin? Worried about finding the perfect pair of contact lenses for dark skin? Then worry not! With a multitude of different shades available, we've got a pair to suit any skin tone, from light to dark.

Our huge collection of non-prescription anime contact lenses come courtesy of some of the biggest brands on the market so you can buy with confidence, knowing you're purchasing a great quality product. We've also ensured that we've got plenty of choices available, so you can purchase our anime lenses in a variety of styles, colors and durations. Whether you're looking for single use lenses that'll give you the edge on that special night out or a pair of reusable lenses for repeated uses, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. With 30 days, 90 days or 1 year durations available, you can rock your perfect anime look for as long as you like! What's more, no prescription is necessary to sport these cosplay lenses, so you can simply order, wear and enjoy! It is advisable to visit your optician prior to ordering a pair of these cosmetic lenses, in order to assess whether your eyes are healthy and that you're a suitable candidate for these accessories.