Cat Eye Series

8 products

8 products

Switch up your style in the blink of an eye with a pair of cats eye contact lenses, the quickest and easiest way to take your look from plain to paw-some in an instant! 


 Think cat eye contact lenses are just for Halloween? Think again! These freaky feline accessories are perfect for completing cosplay ensembles, all manner of animal-inspired fancy dress costumes, or simply for bringing a ferocious twist to your everyday look.  

Available in a whole host of bright vibrant shades, our selection of cat eye contacts is packed with vibrant color pigments so that even the darkest eyes can be transformed! Great for helping you to create a bespoke style, these lenses are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 

 Not just the preservation of creepy costumes, a pair of yellow cat eye contact lenses can add plenty of other fancy dress looks! If you're planning to don a slinky catsuit and channel your inner Selena Kyle, then there's no better finishing touch to your ensemble than a pair of yellow cat lenses. Prefer to stray into nerdier waters with your costume choices? Then we've got just the thing for you! Team these gleaming golden lenses with some navy body paint and a leather military jacket to recreate the iconic comic book look of Nightcrawler from the X Men, perfect for any fan of the teleporting mutant.  

 If you're craving something a little more nightmarish, then red cat lenses could be just what you need! Whether you team them with a vampire costume, a monster ensemble, or a seductive kitty costume, you can be sure to sport the creepiest peepers on the block! From blood red and vermilion to crimson and scarlet, these cat contacts are perfect for adding a dash of primitive fashion to your look.   

Great for adding a dash of otherworldly style to your look, green cat eye contact lenses are a must-have item for any fancy dress fan. The ideal accompaniment to all manner of creepy creature creations, you're sure to attract plenty of attention when you wear these cosmetic lenses! Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your Cheshire Cat-inspired costume? Then look no further! With aqua cat lenses and brilliant blue cat eye contact lenses available, you can grab the ideal accompaniment to your mischievous feline look.  


 Whether you're looking for a pair of single-use lenses for a big night out or a reusable pair for repeated use, you can be sure to find your perfect pair here at Colourful Eye. From disposable lenses to pairs that can be worn for up to 90 days or even 1 year, there's plenty of choices available. 

 With everything from cat-eye circle lenses, feline lenses for dark eyes , and UV reactive cat contacts, we're the best place to buy cheap cat eye contacts online! 

 What's more, all of our lenses come at purse-friendly prices, so you can experiment with different styles, durations, and colors without breaking the bank!