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14 products

When it comes to Halloween accessories, Demon Contact Lenses are a sophisticated way to bring some serious scare-appeal to your costume. So for those that are tired of the same, cheap old Halloween masks, why not step things up a notch at your next fancy dress party with a pair of Demon Colored Contacts?

The great thing about our Demon Colored Contact Lenses is that they include a huge variety of different designs, colors, and styles; giving you the freedom to create the perfect scary look to suit you. One of the most popular kinds of Demon Eye Contacts is black Sclera lenses, which give an authentic possessed black effect and remove all signs of human life from your eyes; leaving you with a hollow, haunting stare that really is the stuff of nightmares! Just one of the reasons so many customers opt for full black eye contact lenses to pair with their Demon outfits is because they actually cover a portion, or even the entirety, of the Sclera (white space) of the eye. These special effect contact lenses are one of the most effective ways to take your costume from try-hard zero to a fancy dress hero.

It’s not just full eye contacts that we offer in our Demon Circle Lenses range, we also have a wealth of other creepy contacts including white contacts and red contacts, which are also incredibly effective for glazing over your stare! So if black isn’t your color, why not try a pair of demonic white contact lenses that give your eyes the appearance of containing just an eerie black pupil? Or try out some red Demon Contacts that flood the iris with a rich, bloodied pigment? Whichever color Demon Cosmetic Contacts you choose, you’re sure to create a terrifying effect.

Halloween might be the most obvious time of year to flaunt a frightening Demon stare, but the versatile nature of Demon contact lenses means that you can experiment with them all year round. Try bringing a scary edge to your other costumes for fancy dress parties over the Holiday season, increase your spookiness at a Cosplay convention, or even just give your outfit the creepy edge for a night out. For anyone who loves alternative fashion and is always after new ways to bring some attitude to their attire, Demon contact lenses are an effortless accessory that’ll give you maximum impact!

You may be wondering if Demon contact lenses would work with your natural eye color or skin tone and the good news is that our contact lenses are made with high-quality materials and are richly pigmented with color, offering fantastic coverage for dark eyes. In fact, because of the nature of Sclera contact lenses, they are one of the best contact lenses for dark eyes, because the color covers the iris completely and will not show any traces of your natural brown eyes. In regards to skin tone, Demon contact lenses are designed for fair skin and dark skin alike, giving a mesmerizingly creepy effect no matter what! For an even scarier effect, you can even pair your creepy contacts with some face paint to complete a Halloween outfit.

Whether you’re looking for Demon contact lenses to wear for just the evening, or you’d like to flaunt possessed peepers all year round, at Colourful Eye we offer a variety of durations of wear. We stock everything from disposable 1-day contact lenses to reusable 1-year contact lenses, so you’re bound to find just the right accessory for your fancy dress box!

Cosmetic contact lenses are becoming more and popular in recent years with companies like Amazon and Freshlook all offering a variety of different styles, colors, and designs. With all these options, it can be difficult to know where is the best place to buy Demon contact lenses online. The most important thing to consider when purchasing non-prescription contact lenses is whether they are reliable and safe, so at Colourful Eye, we are committed to sourcing only from reputable brands. You can rest assured that when you shop with us for your Demon contact lenses, you will not only receive high quality, durable accessories that are easy to use and comfortable to wear, you will also benefit from our experienced customer care team who are always on hand to answer your questions!