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18 products

On the hunt for some Purple Contact Lenses? Want high quality at low prices? Then look no further! With a huge array of colors, patterns and styles you won't find on the high street, you'll find purple lenses from big brands, all at purse friendly prices.

With a huge range of designs available, lightning fast delivery and simple ordering process, you can get your perfect pair of fashion contact lenses in the blink of an eye!

Perfect for any occasion, our range of powerful purple eye contacts will take your look from middling to magical in the blink of an eye. From soft and pretty shades to bright and beautiful colors, we've got a little something for every taste. Plus, the color pigments are so bold and vivid that even the darkest of eyes can take on a whole new hue! Pretty awesome, right?

There's no limit to the looks you can create, simply by using purple colored contact lenses! Whether you're looking to make a subtle style statement or a loud and proud color change, then our purple contacts will be an ideal addition to your accessories collection.

Perfect for fair skin and darker skin tones alike, this is a shade that really complements any complexion! Whether you want lenses for an upcoming Cosplay convention, Halloween party or any other fancy dress competition, these violet contact lenses are sure to turn the heads of all the party-goers. Wanna know what sets purple and violet contacts apart from other colored lenses? 


Unlike red, bright green or black lenses, purple color contacts are a relatively uncommon choice for most fashion lens fans, meaning you're unlikely to see anyone sporting the same style as you! Pretty awesome right? After all, who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd and make sure all eyes are on them? If you have been searching for high-quality, yet affordable colored contact lenses that give you a confident and distinctive look, then your search ends at Coloured Contacts.

The best attribute of this kind of colored contacts is that they are incredibly versatile. Although these lenses are primarily used for costumes, shades such as our violet coloured contact lenses prescription are on the boundaries between costume and natural. On one hand, you may be looking for a bright pair of light purple contacts to finish off a particular fantasy costume or cosplay, but on the other hand, it’s also incredibly practical to double them up and also use them as your everyday pair.

Having Colourful Eye is all about one thing; looking great and giving everyone a mesmerising sight to be envious of. Particularly with natural colored contacts, it is incredibly important to choose a design that looks realistic and fits with your natural eye shade. We stock a wide variety of these fantastic lenses that feature all manner of designs, and you’ll be able to pick the exact iris design to complete your look.

As well as being able to provide you with a range of light and dark purple contact lenses you’ll also be able to choose between cosmetic or costume styles. Enhance your peepers with our range of one, two tone and tri-tone lenses. Add extra definition and color and give off a beautiful new eye hue. Fancy something a little spookier for your next costume? Not to worry, we also have a massive range of quirky styles of violet contacts to accommodate any of your alternative Halloween costumes.

If you’ve shopped with Colourful Eye before or you’re completely new to prescription and non prescription colored lenses, let us run you through some of the finer details. Our range of dark and light purple contacts are made completely for your pleasure. At Colourful Eye we work hard on bringing you some of the most sought after and popular styles from around the world. Whether that’s a classic Halloween style for your once a year friendly get together or a new trending anime or television character which you must show off at the latest comic convention; you can probably guarantee that we will have the perfect lenses to match.

As well as your regular plano styles, you can also pick up purple prescription contacts from our website. We understand too well how frustrating it can be not to be able to join and perfect your costume with a pair of crazy lenses, but needing corrective vision lenses shouldn’t be an extra problem; and at Colourful Eye, it isn’t. Within this Prescription section, you’ll be able to browse a range of purple contacts and choose a pair that gives you the look of your dreams.

Not only this, but on our website you’ll find that the majority of our contacts, whether they are prescription or not, are available in a variety of different durations. That means that if you like to get kitted up for once a year at Halloween you can pick up your favourite dailies. Is your costume too good to only parade once? Then our 90 day lenses will give you 3 months of wear. But if you’re truly serious about maintaining your purple eyes contacts for a full 365 days a year, you must check out our yearly contacts!

Keep reading to find out more about why you should be treating yourself to purple Halloween contacts and why Colourful Eye is the best place for them!


Perfect for cosplay, Halloween or simply wearing every day, purple color contact lenses are a speedy way to create a look that's simply bewitching. Whether you're dressing up as an anime character, a fairy, a witch, a unicorn or a magical creature, you can be sure to enhance your look with a pair of these fun contact lenses.

Now you’ve got to the contact lenses purple section, we’re sure you’re pretty overwhelmed. There’s so much to choose from and when being offered this much choice it’s incredibly easy to forget what costume you’re looking to complete and begin planning 20 more. Luckily there are always offers available for you to take advantage of that will allow you to pick up colored contact lenses at a fraction of other companies that are around. But if you’re still wondering about “Which Colored Contacts are best for me?” let us give you some information that may help inform your decision.

This range of cheap purple contacts features some incredible styles that can be used for a host of different occasions. As we mentioned previously, if you’re looking for a purple contact lens that is incredibly versatile, you’ve come to the right place. The majority of the styles within this section feature gorgeous tones and pigmentation that can be for the most extravagant stylish divas or for those who are looking for just a subtle glow added to their everyday style. Although our range of contact lenses features some fantastic contacts with natural iris designs, we think we can all agree that a deep violet hue is far from natural. But even so, that doesn’t stop them looking great on your night out!

Primarily we would recommend our purple lenses for people who need to take their fashion to new heights or people who are trying to perfect an incredibly life-like cosplay. Within the world of anime, manga and gaming there are hundreds of characters with the brightest hairstyles and eyes. In the past, it would have been possible to show a bright new character with a wig, but now we’ve made it easy for you to truly bring them to life with a pair of violet contacts.

But why should you get your new pair of purple contact lenses from us? Well, let us tell you. At Colourful Eye we also guarantee to make sure that you receive the perfect pair of lenses every time. Not only do we bring you some of the best styles and colors available, but we also make it our mission to supply you with contact lenses that are incredibly safe and comfortable. You’ll be happy to hear that every single pair of contact lenses on our website goes through the same intense manufacturing process which allows them to receive their prestigious FDA Approval. This means that any purple lens that you buy directly from Coloured Contacts will be comfortable and ready for whatever event you are wearing them for.

After all, we've got one of the biggest ranges of purple contact lenses online, so why not check out our selection and find your perfect pair?