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Secrets of Beauty

Studies have shown that regardless of race and culture, when aesthetically examining another person, people unconsciously focus on their eyes.

"The eyes have an impact of up to 80% on the beauty of appearance." The eyes are the most important component of a person's appearance and are an important criterion for judging whether or not a person is beautiful.

With eyes so important, what kind of eyes are beautiful and attractive?

The gorgeous iris: the hidden beauty of the eyes

The iris is a fabric-like ring of various colors inside the pupil in the eye. The iris of the human eye is as unique as fingerprints, and the size of the iris pattern presents a different beauty.

Clear and natural color: eyes shine with natural beauty

Clear corneal limbus: the eyes shine

Over the course of a lifetime, the corneal limbus changes unconsciously over time. The thickest and clearest corneal limbus is from infancy to the early 20s. As we age and our body functions change, the corneal limbus gradually fades; a thick and clear limbus represents youth and vitality and is an important criterion for beautiful and attractive eyes.

The most beautiful colored eyes in the world are not mixed or mutant. Everyone's eyes are different from each other. The world is a big place, there is nothing strange.

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The above cartoon illustrates the words of the children our company founder met while walking on the streets of America. Considering that we were creating a world of color, we associated it with the eyes and created our original brand ---Colourful Eye.

So that the colorful world will never disappear, such a world is interesting.

Our original intention is to make the world full of color in people's eyes and let every beauty lover enjoy the colorful world.

Colourful Eye, Colourful World.