We have implemented a verification system that complies with the Fairness for Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA) and rules in the United States in order to provide the best possible care and service to our customers. We are required by the FCLCA to verify your contact lens prescription. Uploading a copy of your valid prescription is the most efficient way to accomplish this. If you do not have one, we can confirm your prescription with your eye doctor.

We Will Keep Your Personal Information Confidential.

Upload Your Prescription

Can We Sell You Prescription Contacts Directly?

No, the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act improves consumers' ability to compare prices when purchasing contact lenses. The Act gives consumers specific rights, holds dealers and prescribers of contact lenses accountable, and requires the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to develop and enforce implementing rules. In order to clarify the Act's requirements, the FTC issued the Contact Lens Rule in July 2004. The Contact Lens Rule requires prescribers to give the patient a copy of the contact lens prescription at the end of the contact lens fitting, even if the patient does not want it. Patients can give their prescription to another vendor if they want to buy their contact lenses there. If the customer does not provide the seller with the prescription, the vendor must validate the prescription before selling the lenses.

Our Responsibility

The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act governs the sale of both prescription and non-prescription contact lenses (such as clothing and fancy dress) (i.e., corrective, anti-fatigue). As a result, we can only sell contact lenses with a valid prescription that has been submitted directly to us or verified with your prescriber. This means that if the customer brings their prescription, we can provide contact lenses in person, as well as by fax or email. Customers can also authorize us to contact their prescribing physician directly to verify their prescription.

How Do I Order Prescription Contact Lenses From Colourfuleye?

If you order prescription contact lenses from our website, we will not ship them until we receive a note from your doctor. Colorfuleye is concerned about our customers' health. Before selling contact lenses, all contact lens sellers are required by the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA) to verify their customers' prescriptions. We will not ship contact lenses without a verified prescription as a contact lens brand that cares about our customers. 

If you require prescription contact lenses, please upload your prescription or contact us via email or IG (we will also contact you, so keep an eye out for email or IG messages) with a valid copy of your prescription (photo/scan), as well as the name and contact information of your prescriber, such as email or phone number. We will contact them directly to verify your prescription as soon as possible.

In order to make the above process as quick as possible for our customers, Colourfuleye will be responsible for communicating directly with your prescribing physician to request prescription verification. We provide your prescriber with all of your order information as well as all of our contact information when communicating directly with them. The following are the specifics of your order:

  • Your complete name and address
  • The contact lens's power, manufacturer, base curve, or appropriate designation, and diameter (where appropriate)
  • The quantity of lenses ordered

If your prescriber confirms this information, the prescription is verified.

If your verification request is approved, we will ship your order right away and send you a confirmation email.

If your verification request is denied, we will cancel your order, refund your money, and notify you via email.

Please contact us if you require any assistance.

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