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Yandere Pink Cosplay Contact Lenses

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Water content: 42%
Thickness: 0.08mm
Texture: HEMA
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Period of use: 12 months
Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)

Want something that is going to stand out from the crowd? The Yandere Pink Colored Contact Lenses are sure to top off a quirky Alice in Wonderland themed look. These heart pupil contact lenses are sure to get you noticed and will look cool on the dance floor or at a fancy dress party. Dare to be different with heart shaped pupil contacts.

Are you a party animal? Then you are going to love the wild Colored Contact Lenses. For print eyes that are sure to go with any clubbing look or could be the finishing touch to a jungle themed fancy dress outfit. We bet there are plenty of Yandere Pink out there that would love to show off these cool lenses.

Put the sparkle back into your evening with the Colored Contacts range. Match with your natural eye colour or go for a new tone. Whichever you decide, you are sure to dazzle with these awesome contact lenses. The high quality pigmentation used for all our lenses means that no matter what your natural eye colour, you will have full colour coverage. If you have naturally dark brown eyes and want to try something lighter, like a green or blue then our lenses will totally transform your eyes without a hint of what lies underneath.

Do you love nothing more than to go out on a Friday night and party until the sun comes up? Become the ultimate night owl with a pair of Coloured Contact Lenses. These glow in the dark lenses are sure to give other party goers a surprise on the dance floor. Pair with a glitzy holographic outfit to get a full head to toe glowing makeover. Who needs glow sticks when you can have vibrant contact lenses? Go hands-free with fluorescent coloured contact lenses.

Want something a little more subtle for your big red carpet event? Then these classic Pink Colored Contact Lenses will look spectacular with a long, flowing evening dress and sultry smoky eye makeup. Be a sophisticated social butterfly and ease your way around the party with irresistible eyes that are bound to get you on the guest list.

Turn yourself into the queen of heart with these Pink Heart contacts. The gorgeous contact lens has a single pink heart on a white background. It completely covers up your natural eye color and you will look great with a Halloween costume.

The left and right lenses have the same power, if you need different powers, please contact us support@colourfuleye.com
Type colored contact lenses
Water Content 40% - 42%
Thickness 0.08 mm
Base Curve 8.5 mm
Period Of Use  12 mouth
Packaging 1 Pair (2 lenses)
Diameter 14.2-14.5 mm (special sclera contacts 22mm)
1.CE And FDA Certified Materials: In order to make the wearer safe to wear, all the materials we use have passed the CE and FDA certification standards, compounding the international quality medical standards.
2.Highly Hydrophilic: The main component of the lens is HEMA+NVP, which has a hydrophilic effect on the lens and increases the water content of the lens, and it is soft and comfortable to wear.
3.Safe And Protective Environment: Sodium chloride, borax, boric acid, and purified water are combined into a lens preservation solution, which gives the product a storage environment with similar osmotic pressure to the human body. The outer packaging box cover structure perfectly achieves the state of product sealing.
4.High Color Rendering: 6 kinds of pigments are combined with each other for printing and dyeing. This is to change the color of the wearer's iris, that is, to enhance the coloring, make your eyes shinning


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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Rocio Villafuerte
Hermosos ❤️

Super cómodos y lindos me encantan además de ser muy llamativos ❤️

Tiba Almogalli
Best eye contact ever!!

I love this website so much and they gave beautiful good contact of all kind! Strongly recommend!!!

Amber Roberts
Super fun!!!

These lenses are super fun and so vibrant!! The hearts rotate around your eye, but that kinda just makes it more adorable!

Amanda Torres
Sooo Beautiful!!

I love them so much! Would love to buy more soon !


Definitely lives up to the title, I love them and now when Senpai looks into my eyes he can know that too 💞 😉

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