Behind the scene

Colourful Eye, Colourful World


Hey there! My name is Biko and I am the founder of Colourfuleye. Here I would like to share my story and the reason why I started this brand.

I am color vision abnormal. When I was ten years old, in my favorite chemistry class, my teacher asked me and my classmates to distinguish the colors of iron ions, ferrous ions, and copper ions. I was the only one in the class who didn't say anything because I just couldn't tell the difference, and that was the first time I realized that my eyes were quite special.

My insensitivity to color has caused a lot of trouble in my life. I couldn't drive because I couldn't tell the difference between a red light and a green light. I couldn't choose chemistry as my major, even though I really liked it.


In my eyes, I couldn't see specific colors, but full of uncertainty about various colors. The rainbow is also seven colors in my eyes, but I can't say what those seven exact colors are.

However, I know that the rainbow is beautiful because beauty I can see.

The important thing is that I don't feel that this is my flaw at all.

Later, I established my own company and founded the Colourfuleye brand. This world is vibrant and beautiful, and our eyes should be as well.


We have an independent patented production line. All Colourfuleye colored contact lenses are manufactured under the control of a certified Quality Management System, compliance with US FDA, CE, ISO 13485.

To ensure that each product meets quality standards, the product manufacturing process employs 18 product testing procedures such as self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection, 17 times magnification surface defect inspection, and laboratory double review inspection.

The main material components of Colourfuleye's lenses are highly hydrophilic HEMA and NVP, which allow people to wear them comfortably with no foreign body sensation.

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