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Very pretty lenses

Thoses lenses are very cool !
They have a pretty color and they are very confortable


lenses are super cute and get the job done however as mentioned in the description my vision was nearly completely impaired. ruined the experience a bit

Des supers lentilles de contact

Ce sont des super lentilles de contact, elles ce voient vraiment bien même au dessus de yeux de couleurs marrons !! (ce qui est mon cas)
Elles sont agréable à porter je trouve

Arrived just when they said it would.

Wasn't too impressed with the spiral, but the service was great!

There are really cool and pretty but u can barely see something

Great circle lenses

This circle lenses makes my eyes bigger!

Great contacts

Amazing spider web contacts. Great for cosplay!!!


I love this company, these contacts completely covered my eyes which are dark brown

They are nice but…I can’t see lol

The contacts are very cute, affordable and thankfully they are USA made so I was about to get them quicker. i do however have two issues with these contacts

1. The Kanji “uppermoon” is only written in both lenses. Akaza Kanji eyes are suppose to say “Uppermoon” (right eye) and “Three” (left eye). This was a minor issue that didn’t really bother me since I looked back at the pictures and saw the model and the rest of the photos were the same as the product.

2. This is however a big issue. You cannot see. Like at all. I was hoping I was able to see through the orange film but sadly I couldn’t. It’s too opaque and I highly only recommend wearing these lenses for photo shoots and someone is present with you.

Overall, I really love the contacts. They are soft and comfy! I hope my review can help the manufacturers better the product and make some changes because these last a year and I want to start using them ^_^

Thanks for you love and support. We only recommend these cosplay contact lenses for photographic or cosplay purposes. If you do want to wear these lenses for special occasions, you can wear one lens in one eye while keeping your vision in the other~~~

Good lenses

These are good lenses !
I bought these lenses because I was looking for blue contact lenses, so I found these and thought I would give them a try !
They are pretty but unfortunately they don't really stand out on dark brown eyes, but they are easy to put in and quite nice to wear

So so pretty! Especially for cosplay!

They look great, I love that color!

It’s really comfortable and easy to put on and also can use in a daily look!


These are really pretty and comfortable after 6 hours of using

Not bad...

The contacts were comfortable to wear most of the day. Visibility is limited since the side walls are white. Most annoying aspect was when they would rotate 5 degrees with every blink, causing the slit to appear horizontal or offset to the other side.
Maybe making them weighted would fix this issue.

Turns brown eyes Green

These turn my dark brown eyes green instead of the yellow color it’s supposed to be. Not pretty at all but they are comfortable to wear. I can’t return them since they’re opened already

Super lenses !!

I have nothing to say, these lenses are amazing!
I am so not disappointed with my purchase, I would order something else from this shop for sure ✨

@_friponne (Instagram)

Awesome black contacts

This black circle lens are great. Soft and natrual. Highly recommend!

Great! Best Black Contacts!

These black contact lenses will blur your vision, but appear to be amazingly effective. I was amazed at the amazing effect. They are very comfortable to wear (soak them in contact lens solution before wearing them)!

Great fit

After trying out another site’s contacts I was hesitant on ordering from another brand, but these were amazing. Took a second to get adjusted to them, as they are a bit bigger than normal colored contacts, but once they settle in, they are really comfortable. Completed the look for my storm cosplay.

Love these color contacts

Love the color. The contacts are comfortable and don't dry my eyes out.

Exactly like the pictures very satisfied.

All of your lenses are extremely comfy and I love the little kits that come with a big order.

Colourfuleye Anime Cloud Pink Demon Slayer Nezuko Colored Contact Lenses
Margie Idlett

Love the contacts. They look amazing, are easy to put in and comfortable.

Colourfuleye Vampire Red Colored Contact Lenses
Isabella Thompson

I love all of them!!

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