22mm Sclera Contacts

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      7 products

      When it comes to Costume Contact Lenses, we know that the most important thing is usually how scary they are! So if creepy contacts are what you're searching for, let us tell you that Sclera Contact Lenses are a serious contender for the top spot!

      Before we go into just why these lenses are so popular and how to style them, let's find out exactly what they are!

      The term 'Sclera' actually refers to the fibrous tissue layer that surrounds the iris, also referred to as the white of the eye, the Sclera is not where we would usually expect to see any colour other than white. However, Sclera Contacts have a unique design that allows them to encroach onto the Sclera (white space) of the eye and therefore create a seriously scary eye that looks disturbingly out of place on a human being.

      Available in a variety of styles and sizes, there are varying levels of coverage with Sclera Contact Lenses. If you want maximum Sclera coverage that almost completely blocks out the white of the eye and floods the entire visual space with colour, then full Sclera contact lenses are for you. However, if you'd just like to mimic the absent pupil look, you can invest in a pair of blind contact lenses that will simply cover the iris and pupil, creating a slightly more subtle approach with just as much effect!

      The most famous Sclera contact lenses on the market are the full black Sclera lenses, which provide an opaque black finish covering the entire pupil, iris and Sclera (white area). The reason behind this popularity is quite clear; they are the most effective contact lenses for completely transforming your look and giving you an other-worldly appearance.

      That said, full Sclera contact lenses are not for everybody, some individuals consider these a little too drastic and prefer to execute their scary costume look in a more subtle fashion. The good news is we stock a wealth of other mini Sclera contact lenses that mimic the same eery effect without the extremity of the full Sclera lenses.

      Full Sclera Lenses

      Probably the most extreme of all the Sclera lenses, these cosmetic contacts are for those that are serious about scary costumes.

      Covering not only the pupil and iris, but the entire Sclera (white space) these effective Colored Contacts remove any traces of human life from your stare and give you an unmissable finish.

      These contact lenses create a statement look all on their own, so there is very little need to think too much about the rest of your fancy dress costume, but if you were thinking about investing in a pair of these creepy contacts and you're wondering how to style them, here are a few suggestions:

      - Demon: These blackout contact lenses are great for giving a truly sinister and evil finish, so pair with a Demon costume or even make your own out of some black sheets to create a creepy possessed look!

      - Witch: There aren't many costumes that can beat the classic witch, plus it's super easy to execute! Just pick up a witch costume from any costume shop and add these spine-chilling full Sclera lenses to make your look more authentic!

      Blind Lenses

      With a similar creepy effect as the full Sclera lenses, these Blind contacts cover both the pupil and iris to give your glare a lifeless and scary feel.

      These contact lenses are smaller than the full Sclera and could therefore be a better option for first-time wearers of cosmetic contact lenses because of fact they don't encroach so much onto the Sclera (white space) of the eye.

      Blind Lenses are available in different colours including red and green, perfect for finishing off any number of scary costumes for Halloween and Cosplay or simply bringing a flash of eery colour to any party outfit.

      Looking for inspiration? Blind contact lenses go perfectly with the following costume ideas:

      - Devil: Bring some devilish flair to any outfit with a blood-red glare that'll leave anyone trembling. 

      - Elf/Sprite/Fairy: Bring some ethereal, otherworldly colour to a Cosplay outfit or Halloween costume in a pair of green Blind contact lenses!

      Mini Sclera Lenses

      For those that love the idea of incorporating colour into the Sclera of the eye, these mini Sclera Contacts are a low-key version of the traditional full Sclera contact lenses.

      These mini Sclera lenses are a great way to bring some shocking colour to any fancy dress costume, or even to add an alternative edge to an evening outfit for a night out. Whatever the occasion, styles like these white mini Sclera lenses really help to set your stare apart from the crowd!

      Completely covering the iris and encroaching onto the white of the eye, these mini Sclera lenses still incorporate a natural pupil, giving you an unusual and eye-catching look!


      These lenses are the perfect finishing touch for costumes like:

      - Demon: Mini Sclera contacts in red or white are great for a demon or devil inspired outfit, giving you a chilling stare!

      - Fairy: White Sclera contacts are a mystical accessory that would look great with a mythical fairy costume, so try them out at your next Cosplay convention.


      Sclera Contact Lenses... The creepiest contacts on the market!

      With varying styles of Sclera contact lenses available, all offering a different level of coverage, Colourful Eye is your one-stop-shop for these creepy accessories. As well as different styles, there is also a selection of colours and durations of wear available, giving you the freedom to select the perfect pair of Sclera contact lenses to finish off your costume.