Brown Contacts

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61 products

For natural-looking and enhancing cosmetic brown contact lenses in deep chocolatey shades, check out our range of fabulous brown color contacts. Whether you’re seeking that finishing touch to your fancy dress outfit or that special something to complete your everyday look, then our vast range of natural colored brown lenses are perfect for you, ensuring that your intense gaze draws attention. 

Here at Colourful Eye, we stock a fantastic variety of cosmetic brown-colored contact lenses that allow you to temporarily change the appearance of your eyes and their natural color, so you can go from blue or green to brown in an instant. You could even change your natural brown eyes to a lighter shade using brown contact lenses for brown eyes or a funky design such as a party style.

Brown contacts are purposefully designed to bring a very natural yet beautiful brown color to your stare and give your eyes an enhanced finish. So, whether you’re looking for an accessory for Cosplay, or simply for a pair of lenses to spice up your daily life and complement your outfits, there is a wide array of inexpensive options to choose from.

For a quick and easy eye color change, these brown eye contact lenses are the perfect accessory. They take just a moment to put in and offer just the look you want with no fuss. If you want some extra help inserting your lenses and maintaining them be sure to check out our lens cases and kits, featuring a lens wand applicator to help you use your lenses with ease.

From a single day of use to up to a whole 90 days or perhaps even a year, there are fashion contact lenses brown of varying durations for all different occasions, whether that’s for fancy dress and Cosplay or just for casual wear. All provide an immediate and dramatic temporary change of color for your eyes - great for when you need to make a bold impression.

It can be hard to decide which duration of brown eye contacts to choose from. Think about how often you are going to use your lenses and whether you want to clean and maintain them or simply throw them away. The benefit of a one-day lens is that you can just use it once and throw it away. No need to clean and store your lenses after. This could be especially helpful for those who are out and about at an event such as a Cosplay convention.

If you have plans to create multiple characters or to wear your lenses as an everyday change then take a look at the 90 days and 1-year lenses. These options last for multiple uses as long as they are properly cared for in between use. Be sure to always have clean hands when taking out or inserting your lenses and store them in lens solution. The duration begins with the first use of your lenses.


Our range of single-tone brown-colored contacts is ideal for those seeking that natural and realistic look. Wishing that you were born with brown eyes? Then these are the lenses for you! With their earthy, warming tones you can transform your eyes into gorgeous chocolatey brown pools.

These lenses give a fairly solid single color but do have some color variation in order to emulate the look of a natural iris. After all, every eye features more than one shade if you look closely. Masking the natural color of your iris, these lenses will be sure to trick people into thinking that your eyes have always been brown! 

In order to bring out all the colors in a natural iris, these lenses feature shading towards the pupil as well as the darker limbal ring. This effect is bound to have people staring deep into your eyes. This hypnotizing style is perfect for those looking to completely change their eye color as well as those wanting to enhance their natural brown eyes with brown contact lenses nonprescription.

However, the choices don't end there! If you're feeling a little more daring, then make sure you check out our complete range of brown colored contact lenses. From light brown contact lenses to chocolate shades, make sure to browse our brown contact lens section for more inspiration. If you fancy an even lighter honey style then pop over to our hazel contact lenses section for a browse.

Some of our most popular styles are dark brown contact lenses. There is something spectacular about a pair of deep brown eyes. This color is a perfect choice if you want your eyes to appear larger. This rich color can add warmth to your eyes and is sure to give you that cute puppy dog gaze.

Although plenty of people naturally have brown eyes color, you can always enjoy slightly changing your look to see if your friends notice. It may help you to bring out a lighter shade in your wardrobe or makeup. You could even use lenses to match your favorite anime or movie character for an accurate Cosplay. This is one of the most common eye colors in the world but that is no reason not to celebrate and enjoy it!


Search no more for cosmetic contact lenses in brown, as you’ll find all the fabulous hazel-toned contacts you could ever need or want in amongst our collection of colored contact lenses. Simple to use and easy to care for, if you’ve ever dreamed of switching up the shade of your eyes for something more exciting then make sure not to miss out on our brown contact lens collection.

It is the strong pigmentation in our colored contacts that make it possible for every shade of colored contact to cover nearly every shade of eye color. So if you are looking for brown contact lenses for black eyes then you can shop with confidence here at Colourful Eye.

There is one more choice to make when you are thinking about buying brown contact lenses. With our range of brown contact lenses prescription, you can now leave the glasses at home and enjoy a totally new visual experience. Whether you decide to buy prescription or non-prescription lenses we know your lenses will be comfortable thanks to the FDA approval for these contact lenses to be shipped to the US. These lightweight lenses are breathable and lightweight, which will help the eye to stay hydrated while you are using your cosmetic lens.

If you do opt for the prescription variety then you can select the power for each eye, ensuring you have an exact match to your prescription and clear vision during your use of our fashion lenses.

Worried about our contact lenses won’t cover your natural eye color? While we can assure you our lenses are all made with high-quality pigmentation. It is important to consider that some of our lenses do have transparent sections as they are designed to enhance your natural eye color rather than completely change it. Head over to this section to find out about the best contact lenses for dark eyes for full-color coverage and tips and tricks.

With plenty to choose from we think you are ready to start your shopping experience for brown contact lenses cheap with Colourful Eye. If you are ever worried or have any questions make sure to ask your optometrist or eye doctor as your eye health is of utmost importance. Some eye types are not suited to wearing fashion lenses so always check your eye suitability before purchasing a pair of contact lenses.

You can shop brown contact lenses in the US and beyond with plenty of shipping options to choose from. We like to cater to a wide range of countries so you can enjoy swapping your eye color wherever you are from.

Once you are confident that your eyes are suitable for wearing colored contacts you can get back to the fun part of choosing your perfect design. Another favorite event for wearing contact lenses is to a party. If you are looking to add something special to your look, this could be the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Have fun matching your makeup to your new lenses and experiment with new wardrobe options. When you change your eye color it can open up a new color palette.

Don’t settle for any eye color; enhance them with a pair of beautiful brown contact lenses, available here at Colourful Eye in a wide variety of different natural and enhanced shades, tones, styles, and durations.