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67 products

Searching for some Grey Contact Lenses for that big night out? Want high quality but low prices? Look no further than our huge range of grey colored contact lenses. With designs you won't find elsewhere, you're sure to find your perfect pair here at Colourful Eye!

Ideal for transforming your look in the blink of an eye, these Grey Eye Contacts can change the color of most natural eye tones. From soft, natural grey contact lenses to steely, dark grey shades, we've got a little something for every taste. So whether you're making the move from brown eyes to grey or blue to grey eyes, you can be sure to achieve a flawless result.

There are plenty of occasions you might want grey eyes for, and our range reflects that. Maybe you’re looking for a ghoulish effect for a horrifying Halloween party, or perhaps you want to go grey permanently? Whatever it is, Colourful Eye has got your back.

Wondering how many different styles of grey style lenses there are? You can browse a huge range of different silvery styles which could be worked into your everyday outfit, or even into a totally terrifying costume.

All our lenses are approved for shipping in the US by FDA regulations, so you are guaranteed to get a pair of contact lenses that is both high-quality and safe to use. For extra advice on using cosmetic contact lenses, we recommend visiting your optician or eye doctor.


Colored contact lenses are quickly becoming a popular way to perfect your look for any occasion. Whether you’re dressing to impress or just want to stand out from the crowd, these lenses will make your eyes the center of attention in any situation.

Offering not only opaque contact lenses; Colourful Eye also offers a vast range of patterned lenses to ensure your outfit looks as unique and stylish as possible! Ensuring that you stand out from the crowd, why not complete your outfit in style?

With male cosplay becoming extremely popular, having a good selection of cosmetic contact lenses at your fingertips can mean the difference between an average man’s costume and an epic one. From infamous movie character to comic book villain, our grey colored contacts are the perfect accessory to pull your whole outfit together. If you’re wondering how to incorporate grey lenses into your outfit, just take a look at some of our favorite grey-eyed boys costume ideas:

Non prescription grey contact lenses are the perfect way to create a new look if you don’t need prescription lenses. Our costume styles can help you to transform into your favorite anime character or movie star. Only a handful of people have this rare eye color so in order to closely match your character for cosplay you are going to need a little help. Fashion lenses are the easy, hassle-free way to achieve this!

Here at Colourful Eye, you can find everything you need to use your dark grey contact lenses. From lens solution to a lens case or kit, with tools to help you insert your lens on the go, you can be sure to keep your lenses clean and ready to use. Are you ready to take your lenses out for the day? Carry your lens kit around with you and you can discreetly place your lenses back in the case and clean them with lens solution.


We have several variations in natural grey contact lens so you can get the exact shade you have always dreamed about. If you are going for something very bright that will completely intensify your gaze, try our one-day range of light grey contact lenses. While there are many other options, our most popular styles fall into three categories.

In comparison, our two tone natural grey contacts feature a similarly dark limbal ring but do not have the brown color towards the centre. These lenses are perfect for those wanting to achieve pure grey eyes. If you are looking to create a flawless makeup style then these could be the lenses to pair with your look. The smoky grey contact lenses shade is sure to draw everyone’s attention towards your eyes so make sure your eye shadow is looking the best.

Our third style is the one tone lenses. These feature one solid light grey contact lenses shade with small dark color flecks for realism. The entire iris is the same even tone so is sure to result in a bright eyed effect. These single tone lenses are so light in shade they can look like silver grey contact lenses under certain lights. If you are creating a fantasy costume or just want to add a mystical style to your everyday look then you won’t be able to help falling in love with these light grey contacts.

If you like our selection of grey cosmetic contact lenses, then you should check out our full range of contact lenses! With a huge variety of different colors, patterns and finishes available in 1 day, 30 day, 90 day or 1 year options, you can experiment with your look for less.

When selecting your grey color lens it is important to consider which duration you would like to try. If you opt for a 90 day or 1 year option you will need to read up on maintaining and caring for your lenses as eye safety is of the utmost importance. In order to do this, you will need extra lens solution handy to keep your lenses fresh and sterile. If you love gadgets and tools then be sure to pick up one of our lens kits. The handy tweezers and sealable case will help you to maintain your new lenses. The duration period starts from the first time you use your lenses so be sure to take note of the date as it is important to only use lenses for as long as stated on the packaging.

If you want to skip the hassle of cleaning your lenses after every use then take a look at our daily lenses. These one use lenses can be worn once then thrown away. Even though they are single use lenses it is important to prepare them properly in lens solution. These hassle-free lenses are perfect if you are looking to try out your first pair of contact lenses.


There are certain things that we value when it comes to sterling grey contacts at Colourful Eye. One of these is the quality of our lenses. The high-quality manufacture of our products means that the pigmentation used to color the lenses looks bold and impressive, without becoming too unrealistic.

A question we are frequently asked is what will grey contact lenses on brown eyes look like? Head over to our section dedicated to showing you the best lenses for brown eyes to find the brightest colors. Results can vary for grey contacts on dark brown eyes however you should see some variation in color with all our lenses. The difference is some of our lenses are designed to completely change the color of your iris while others are patterned to add color flecks to your natural tone.

Now we have talked about the styles and durations of lenses it is time for you to choose which to try first. Remember you can always come back for more! Make sure to always follow safety advice and listen to your optometrist or eye doctor.

Once you are confident in using grey contact lenses you will be trying out an array of other shades so enjoy exploring our natural and costume styles for your next fancy dress, Halloween or New Year’s party. You can even switch up your color as part of your normal casual style, we frequently change other parts of our appearance so why not our natural eye color too?