Colored Contact Lenses

425 products

425 products

Colored contact lenses can be used to make your eyes appear lighter, enhance their natural color, or change their color altogether. There are also contact lenses called "special effect contact lenses," or novelty contacts, that can make your eyes appear cat-like or give you a vampire look.

Colored and decorative contacts change the appearance of your eyes, and they can also work to correct vision. All contacts are considered medical devices, even if they are not corrective. As a result, they must be approved by the FDA.

Colored contact lenses are typically used for aesthetic purposes — to change the natural appearance of your eyes. They can alter eye color and look subtle, or the change can be more drastic. The choice is up to you, depending on how much of a difference and what kind of look you are going for.

You can get customized colored contacts to alter the appearance of the eye if it has been injured or if you suffer from a congenital eye defect. These customized lenses can be designed to look like a healthy pupil, and colors can help to create a more natural look.

Customized color contacts can also be used specifically for sports to improve vision under specific circumstances. These colored contacts often have a "sports tint" that can help to deflect glare, increase depth perception, and make contrast more defined.