Yellow Contacts

35 products

35 products

On the hunt for some bold Yellow Contact Lenses? Want something with quirky style and high impact? Look no further than our huge range of yellow Non Prescription Contact Lenses! You'll be spoiled for choice!

Whether you're looking for single use lenses for a trial with funky colors or a pair of monthly or 90 day use lenses for a longer term costume or everyday style, we've got the perfect pair of Yellow Colored Contact Lenses for you! Ideal for transforming your look in the blink of an eye, these yellow contacts can completely change the color of even the darkest eyes. Regardless of whether you're changing from blue to yellow or brown to yellow, you can be sure to achieve a bright and bold result!

With everything from UV reactive lenses, funky patterns and animal style lenses, there are plenty of stunning styles on offer that you won't find on the high street. So whether you want to unleash your inner feline, reptile or spooky creature, we've got the lenses for you. Ideal for taking a walk on the wild side, these eye-catching lenses are just what any cosplayer or fancy dress enthusiast needs to ensure a show-stopping result!

If you're concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn't worry! All our golden yellow contact lenses are produced and made from high-quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear.


Perfect for Halloween, our range of yellow green contact lenses are brilliant for adding a lot to your creeptastic costumes! Whether you're donning your best werewolf garb, dressing as a wicked witch or an otherworldly spectre, a pair of yellow lenses will take your look from fine to fearsome in an instant.

Within our section of beautiful yellow lenses, there really is something for everyone. From a slight and subtle color change to something that can intimidate even the most professional cosplayers; our lenses really are for everyone! As we mentioned previously you’ll be able to choose between a variety of different lenses to give you the perfect and most suited experience for you. Within our yellow eye contact lenses range we stock a wide variety of daily, 90 day and yearly styles.

Primarily, we stock the widest amount of lenses in our 90-day variety. This is because whether you’ve tried Colored Contacts before or you’re a total newcomer, we’re sure that as soon as you’ve received them you’re going to want to show them off for as much as possible. That being said, however, many of our customers prefer our amazing selection of daily yellow contact because of their slightly lower price point and their extra layer of convenience to be able to remove and dispose of them straight away! However, if you are someone who feels that their new yellow eye costume will be maintained for a long time yet to come, we wholeheartedly recommend a yearly pair! All you need to do is stock up on enough solution and be fully prepped in how to clean your contact lenses yellow and you’ll be ready to cosplay for up to 12 whole months!

But that’s not the only variety of yellow contact lens available at Colourful Eye. No matter what your costume preference is, we’re sure there’s a perfect pair waiting here for you. The most popular type of costumes that are associated with these type of lenses is Halloween contact lenses styles. With the popularity of the film and book franchise, ‘Twilight’ more and more people have sought after getting themselves the gold contact lenses look that lead character Edward Cullen can be seen to show off throughout the various films. As well as vicious vampires though, these type of lenses also lean themselves in the favour of some of the best werewolf costumes available. With bright colors available that feature contrasting iris and limbal ring designs; the yellow and black contact lenses in this section are sure to cause a fright. But that’s not the end of our realistic lenses! If you’re someone who really wants to push your scare factor to the next level or just wants to truly feel like the scary animal that you’re trying to dress up as; we would recommend a pair of our incredibly realistic cat eye contact lenses. Not only do these lenses feature some of the scariest and sought after styles of all the colored contact lenses on the market, but they are also strong, comfortable and available in a whole range of durations.

But what makes our cat eye lenses better than everyone else’s? These colored contacts yellow can also be bought in a variety of different colors; but more importantly, we can also offer them in ultraviolet varieties. But what does this mean? This means that if you can get the best UV yellow color contacts available, all you’ll need is a black light, or to turn up to a massive UV party and you’ll be able to show off a pair of glowing peepers that are exactly the same as a viscous prowling street cat!


Enough about animals, maybe you’ve come to our yellow contact lens range looking for an edgy accessory to transform your everyday outfits? If you love alternative fashion and style, there’s nothing cooler or simpler to give an outfit that extra push into awesomeness than a pair of yellow contacts. With a huge variety of styles to choose from including printed designs and more understated yellow finishes, our yellow lens range deserves pride of place in your accessories collection.

Those aren’t the only costumes that you can use yellow colored contacts for though. If you visit the Colourful Eye website in more detail you will realize that it is an absolute gold mine for resourceful costume information. We regularly post articles on topics such as ‘How To Clean Your Colored Contacts’ or ‘How To Put In & Remove Colored Contacts’.But if you’re someone who is always in need of a costume idea or two we will always show you what are the best fancy dress options for yellow contact lenses!

One problem that some people have when it comes to wanting to use a pair of golden colored contacts is that they are in need of corrective lenses. Here at Colourful Eye, however, as pioneers of all things contact lenses, we have them readily available for you. Some of our most popular styles, including our Yellow Cat Eye Contacts, are available in a variety of prescription strengths so you can choose the exact pair of wild eye contacts to fit your needs. Need to grab a pair of lenses for a prescription with different eye strengths? Not to worry, our incredibly competitive and cheap prices make it easy to select both the pairs you need!

But that’s not the only reason to stay and shop with us. Compared to most other lenses available on the market, we give you all the information you need to inform your purchase of a pair of our yellow contact. Whether you want to know the exact material composition or base curve before you make your purchase; you’ll be able to find it all on the product features tab. As well as this we also make sure that if you buy from us that you only receive a pair of yellow lenses that are made of the highest quality with premium materials. All of the lenses at Colourful Eye will always feature an FDA Approval or CE rating which means that they will be safe, durable for long usage and incredibly comfortable for day to day usage.

A must-have item for anyone seeking a glimmering, golden gaze, our range of yellow contact lenses are available at purse friendly prices, with lightning fast delivery to boot! So why not check out our awesome selection?