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20 products

Unlock awesome style potential with your very own pair of gorgeous Pink Contact Lenses! At Colourful Eye we offer a selection of cosmetic Pink Contacts, great for finishing off fancy dress or Cosplay outfits including princesses, Barbie, fairies, unicorns, cartoon characters, anime and so much more! So if you are looking for a way to lift your fancy dress to a new level, try our Pink Colored Contact Lenses today.

Whether you’re looking for kawaii-tastic circle lenses, UV reactive rave contacts or delicately patterned Pink Circle Lenses, you can be sure to find your ideal look here at Colourful Eye. From rose to cotton candy and magenta to fuchsia, there are dozens of different shades of pink contacts to choose from. The hardest choice you’ll face is deciding which pair to order first!


Our pink contact lenses come in a range of wear durations, so you can select 1 day wear, 90 day wear or even 1 year wear. Can’t decide which option to pick? Let us help you out!

1 Day Contact Lenses: Great for anyone experimenting with their look, these single use lenses provide a temporary new look. If you’re going to be using your lenses infrequently or want to try plenty of different styles, these are the best lenses for your needs! They are also completely hassle-free as far as care and maintenance are concerned. Simply wear once and throw away. It is still important to prepare your lenses properly in solution before use.

90 Day & 1 Year Contact Lenses: These lenses are the ultimate in flexible, transformative power! Great for everyday wear or frequent Cosplayers, these lenses are perfect for instant transformations. You can be sure to always have your new look at your fingertips when you purchase these little beauties. With these lenses, it is important to note you will need to keep them sterile in between uses.

Need some help keeping your lenses fresh? Or maybe you are always losing things? With a lens kit and case, you can be sure to keep track of your contact lenses. The handy tools in the kits will help you keep your lenses clean and can aid in inserting your contacts. The bright colors and novelty designs mean you will have a hard time losing these fun Contact Lens Cases! Place in your bag or on your bedside table to conveniently place your lenses in whenever you need to take them out. The sealable cases will keep your lenses secure until the next time you want to use them.


Is your inner pink princess just dying to shine? These colorful Pink Cosmetic Lenses really are a great way to make your eyes stand out and attract attention for all the right reasons, so don’t delay in getting your hands on some today. From hot pink contact lenses to light pastel tones, you are sure to find your favorite shade of pink in our collection. These unusual contact lenses are also great for taking a seriously cool selfie, no filter or Photoshop needed!

Remember we are always adding new styles to our online store so make sure to visit again soon for a chance to buy an awesome new design!

Coordinate these bright pink contacts with some pink glittery eye makeup for a princess worthy look that is great for nights out or fancy dress. If you like the look of these pink colored contacts, check out our full range of colored contact lenses for tons of designs and colors.

Looking to punk it up? Take 80’s rock chic to a new level of ferocity by adding pink lenses. Team with a little black dress, leather jacket, a spiky collar and biker boots. Backcomb your hair and go heavy on the eyeliner.

Natural effect pink contacts can make a fun everyday change to your look. Spice up your outfit with a splash of pink and use a makeup color palette to match or complement your new eye tone. You may be wondering how Pink Eyes Contacts lenses can look natural. They are designed to emulate the same natural color variation you would find in a real iris. These color flecks add depth to the lens and many feature a dark limbal ring too, just like a real eye. As you can see, though the color may not be realistic the style certainly is so you are sure to look awesome in your new pink lenses.

Looking for a pink contact lenses cosplay? If Anime is more your thing, then find yourself a long pastel pink wig to match your eyes. Wear with a cute kawaii outfit and over the knee white socks. Plenty of characters in anime have shining pink eyes. The pastel shades work best for this effect. Many of our cosplay styles feature areas of black color to contrast with the baby pink. This gives the style of large innocent cartoon eyes that could be straight for the pages of a manga book.

Draw inspiration from the Japanese Lolita subculture and create an elegantly eccentric look! For a sweet Lolita look, team light pink lenses with a ruffled frock, a parasol and a lace trimmed bonnet in subtle, pastel shades. If you fancy bringing a dash of color to your Gothic Lolita look, then pair some dark pink contacts with lashings of black lace, ruffles and bows to achieve a look that’ll certainly attract attention!


Did you know we now stock prescription lenses too? If you have been feeling left out of the fashion contact lens fun then you are about to be in for a treat. Our lenses come in a variety of prescriptions so you can enjoy clear vision as well as a funky style. Check out our pink contact lenses prescription, for example, you can choose the power for each eye to get a match to your own prescription! You can leave your glasses behind and wow your friends with your new prescription contact lenses. These lenses, just like our non-prescription styles, come in various styles for both natural and costume looks.

Not only is our pink contact lens range simply unbeatable in terms of variety, but we also have some of the cheapest colored contacts on the market! Think low prices mean poor quality? Think again! We only stock lenses that the FDA approve for shipping in the US, so you can be confident in the knowledge that you will be receiving a pair of high-quality and safe contact lenses.

All of our cosmetic contact lenses come in a sealed package containing eye-safe solution, which will keep them safe until you are ready to wear. To prepare your pink colored lenses be sure to soak them in some fresh lens solution for a further two hours before use.

Here at Colourful Eye, we love to send our funky contact lenses around the world which is why you can shop with us for pink contacts lenses US and beyond. Our list of shipping options is growing so be sure to keep updated on our list of delivery destinations.

Whether you are preparing for Halloween or any other party, wear our pink Halloween contact lenses to have the opportunity of being in the limelight. Browse through the range of options available at Colourful Eye and step into the world of colored and funky contact lenses for the cutest and the sweetest princess look. Stun the people around you with our range of creative pink contacts on brown eyes that match your style. Want to know more about which lenses are best for dark eyes? See our dedicated section here.

Now you know all about the styles and features of our pink colored lenses you can enjoy browsing and coming up with ideas for your next costume. We are always sharing new ideas so be sure to browse the additional sections of our website such as the blog for handy hints on which styles to try and character inspiration for your next fancy dress. Our pink contact lenses are perfect for all your anime, fantasy and princess cosplays.