What Cosplay Enthusiast @raybound.exe Has Created Using Our Contacts


Ray Magrinho is an accomplished actor, model, and cosplayer. Ray has always been a big fan of our company. He's done some amazing work with our colored contact lenses. We were so impressed with Ray's creations that we asked him to be our brand ambassador. We'd like to share Ray's work, so if you're interested, please follow Ray's social media accounts (IG: raybound.exe / Cosplay IG: raybound.cos).

Ray is wearing our white out contact lenses in this photo. These White Out contact lenses have an all-white design that gives the wearer the illusion of having no pupil, giving them a creepy zombie effect that is ideal for Halloween. However, due to the nature of this design, both the iris and pupil will be covered, which enhances the effect. Because the pupil is obscured by an opaque part, your vision will be obstructed. Because of this, we recommend that these all-white contact lenses be used only for photo shoots. If you do want to wear these to an event or occasion, you could wear one lens in one eye while maintaining vision in the other.

Ray has also used contact lenses to create some amazing work. Oh my goodness, look at what he's made. We were impressed by his cosplay of a sculpture full of power and beauty!

Ray has also created a lot of fantastic cosplay content, so check out some of his other work.

We're sure you can't get enough of Ray's work, and if you do, feel free to follow Ray on social media (IG: raybound.exe / Cosplay IG: raybound.cos). If you enjoy cosplay, we invite you to shop for our cosplay contact lenses. With these contact lenses on, you will undoubtedly be the heart of the party!

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